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Good luck Baby Cailey (and SweetAsSugar!) x

Well it's Cailey's op this Friday I think so just wanted to start a post to wish you all good luck, I am sure all will go swimmingly and you'll be back to normal in no time. Keep us posted x

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  • Good luck Cailey and big hugs for mummy and daddy. Thinking if you all this week x x
  • Ah good luck little chick, hope everything goes smoothly. xxxxx
  • Best wishes to Cailey and co, hope all goes well.
    Lisa, Holly and Beany
  • Good luck sweetheart! x
  • Hope all goes well for Cailey and family xx
  • Best wishes and Good Luck for the 3rd, i'm sure all will go very well and wishing Cailey a speedy and distress free recovery
    Much Love
    Jodie xx
  • Haven't been on for ages so pleased I got chance to wish Cailey luck for her op. Good luck little lady xxx
  • Good luck Cailey, I had an few ops starting from this age on my hands, lots of one handed toys are in order, my most memorable was a till, and fuzzy felts were always a hit (think I tried to eat the first few sets though!)

    All the best to all of you, I am sure it will all go brilliantly, make sure you get those special prints first, we just did a set of my friends baby girl in white pigment ink on black card, they look fab and make your daughter all the more unique!

    Bets XxX
  • hi everyone!!

    thank you so much for all your very kind words...... its lovely to know that you are all thinking of us!

    bets we have had 3d casts made just last week as it was her birthday so thought the date would also be significant for her!! they have turned out great and the detail of them is amazing!

    cailey has had a viral infection the last few days so the surgeon has decided to cancel her surgery as she has been vomitting and had diarrhoea as well as a cold! we now have a new date for surgery..... 18th of october! im feeling a bit off as we'd prepared ourselves for it happening, but these things cant be helped!

    its 3.20 am and we have just come back from the emergency doctor as she has been screaming in pain all night, not wanting anyone to touch her!! its been abdonminal colic causing her pain due to her upset tummy! however she seems fine now..... wide awake sittin ont he floor playing with daddies car keys!

    my poor lil toots aint had it easy the last few weeks! she was rushed to hospital a couple of weeks back as she had trouble breathing, she now has a ventolin inhaler which seems to work when she becomes wheezy! but they wont diagnose athsma til shes at least 2!

    Sorry for the ramble!
    Thanks so much for caring!


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  • ah hun - sorry to hear shes had a rough time of it.
    its best to do the ops when shes feeling well though isn't it - will be thinking of you in October xxx
  • How's Cailey now hun? Hope she's feeling better now and over her sore tummy x
  • aw thanks for the lovely messages.
    caileys is a bit better now thank goodness...... i hate it when she's ill and just looks at me and theres nothing i can do for her! it breaks my heart!
    but shes on the mend!
    ive started her on echinecea junior to try to boost her immune system as i dont want her being ill for the next appointment! winter is also just round the corner and its when she is a bit run down that she has trouble with her breathing! so fingers crossed that works for her!

    how are you all and your lovely LO's?

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