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I'm knackered.....

....please tell me I'm not the only one!!??

Seriously Harrison is none stop. There isn't a minute in the day when he isn't on the go. He doesn't nap in the day unless out for a walk (which I do everyday I'm at home with him).
I feel like I'm running out of ideas of how to keep him occupied too.
He's ace I love him to bits but he's bonkers!!!

Lisa x


  • hehehe, the heat doesn't help! Lilac is home from pre-prep this week as she's had grommets put in her ears and nose cauterised (treatment for combination of glue ear and constant nose bleeds), she's bright as button and running round like mad, Felix whose 2 1/2 is crackers and covered in soil at the minute as he's been trying to plant things in the garden, seriously he's mental - its a good job he's cute lol and Iris is just at that age trying everything, into everything and dangerous and at 18wks pregnant i just don't have the energy today, think my iron might be a bit low going to get some Floradix from the health food shop to give me a boost. Actually i'm glad it is such lovely weather as at least they are all playing out. I'd come on the internet to do a quick sainsbury's shop so best get on. Yawn Yawn Yawn
    Jo xxxxx
  • I feel the pain! I am at work all day then need to do dinner, clean the house and occupy Haiden, and I get no help at all!

    I love my bubs so much but yes I agree, she is also bonkers. She wrecked the front room in a matter of minutes the other day, it was like a bomb had gone off, so now I am calling her my bomb and making a bomb noise at her (you know the whistle going from high to low anf then a pcccchhhh noise at the end?). She thinks it's hysterical! x
  • OMG I so agree Reuben drives me mad he's into everything i'm shattered xxx
  • Please dont take this the wrong way but I'm so glad I'm not alone!!
    I dont know where H gets his energy from - my highly stressful job isn't as tiring i tell you!!!
    Kimmy Harrison is like that - a whirlwind at wrecking the living room and anything else that gets in his way!!!!!!!!!
  • Same here! My poor little mum looks after her while I'm at work and she's running her ragged too! She's crawling, cruising and is starting to stand unaided. She's always falling and banging herself/pulling stuff on top of her/trapping her fingers under doors ... she's in every cupboard and wants everything that isn't a toy! She's great fun but completely exhausting! I salute the mothers of twins ...

    H x
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