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please can you vote for Holly :)


  • you can also vote but emailing [email protected] and putting Holly O'Sullivan in the subject box

  • Lovely photo Lisa, I'll send an email. Good luck! image
  • Have voted Lisa, Good luck!

    Cat xxx
  • I've voted on the email thingy hun so I hope it works! Good luck, lovely pic! x
  • i have voted on the email too.... very cute pic!! hope she wins!

  • Thank you all so much, so far Holly is doing really well, in second place from what I can see on FB but dont know how everyone is doing with the email votes so we will just have to wait and see. They announce the top 10 on her birthday so im hoping it will be lucky!!
  • I have just emailed a vote - good luck xx
  • Hi ladies, just giving my little girl another plug.

    Someone got me blocked from voting on other babies even though everyone on there is swapping votes, cant believe it. Why do these things always turn bitchy??

    Anyway, if you havent already could you please vote.
    Thanks xxx
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