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For Floss

One poo face! BTW we don't hang around taking pics of Fred pooing usually! x


  • Ah you can't get the full effect with the blimmin ad!

    here you go!

  • Slippers, g/c from BIS but just wanted to say your baby is gorgeous.
  • ha ha ha. Beltin!
    Alfie's really gurns and groans and his eyes water when he poo's.

    Thanks for that xx
  • Ah funny - but Slippers even when he is pooing he is bloomin gorgeous!!
  • Ah thanks ladies! Some friends call him Stewie from Family Guy....can't think why!!!!

  • HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Came in to be nosy now you have reminded me where you actually are!!! Love the picture, and the uncanny resemblance :lol: Really good to hear from you, thanks for the messages. Can't believe how much Fred has grown, he looks like a very content baby xxx
  • Ha ha! When Roisin's 'doing her business' she always stares straight into your eyes ... really not necessary, love! x
  • Hey Socks! Lovely to see you petal, you come in and nosey anytime you like! Hmmm content, well I hope he's happy but most of the time he's just barking mad!

    Littlerose Fred does exactly the same, fixes you with The Stare and then starts The Squeeze! x
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