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Any Ideas? Waking in the night!

Cailey has been waking a few times a night since we started weaning in Jan. I have had her at the Dr recently for a wheeze in her chest and they have given her an inhaler but only to be taking if really needed. At first i thought this was the cause of her waking, but doesnt seem to be. I am absolutely shattered, as it can be from once a night up to 5 times!

I dont think she is hungry as she doesnt look for food and is happy to go back to sleep. I dont think it can be for her dummy as she settles without it some nights and when she does wake I go through and sometimes she still has it! Sometimes she is very distressed and other times she is just babbling to herself at 4am!

Come the mornign time she falls asleep with her morning bottle and is shattered! She doesnt sleep much in the day either, yesterday she had about 40 mins in the morning, and 20 mins in the afternoon, and didnt go to bed til after 8!

She used to sleep right through from about 8 til 7ish when her daddy goes to work!
We've tried the goodnight milk the last 2 nights with no effect!

Sorry for the novel!
Any suggestions?

I know you lovely ladies will come up with something!



  • Hi hun

    I am no expert as Lily is the same sometimes but maybe a little more sleep during the day might help aswell as an earlier bedtime.

    If Liy hasnt slept well during the day she tends to be the same that night....i think its quite important.

    She also goes to be between 6-7 (her choice) as she is shattered and the earlier she goes to bed the better she sleeps.

    Hope this helps hun image
  • my advice isn't that good either as Isla is very hit and miss with her sleeping.

    Is there any chance she might be getting cold?Isla really needs wrapping up at night.

    Or is she teething?

    Last thing is I found Isla takes much less milk now she is weaned and does still want a bottle overnight. I think she likes food more dduring the day so we have been dream feeding her at 11.

    Hope it settles- broken sleep is so hard x
  • Ahhhh my reply just got eaten!!!

    Broken sleep is worse than no sleep I think, so you have my full sympathy.
    Alfie doesn't always sleep through, he sometimes wakes a couple of times in the night, usually 12/1am and then again 4/5am. We think it's because of his teething so we give him some calpol before bed if it appears to be irritating him (red cheeks, drooling etc).

    Does Cailey sleep in a sleeping bag? On a similar note to Mrs Blue suggesting getting too cold, could she be getting too hot? Do you have heating on a timer that comes on in the night?

    Shell xx
  • Not much good advice from me either. My little on is a nightmare sleeper at times. Our latest invention is a large cardboard square covering all the window secured in place with black insulating tape to stop the light coming through the gaps on the blackout blind! It worked lst night and J woke at 7 instead of 5.45. Looks awful from the outside!
  • Ha ha LoobyLou - the things we do hey!!
    I just want to express my sympathy really as I have no advice at all.
    My little monkey sleeps differently every night and there is no reason for it from what I can work out!! I'm up on average about 3 times - usually he wants to play and has big smiles, bouncing about and reaching his arms up only for me to ignore him (his wantibng to play that is) and soothe him back to sleep (dummy/sshing). I'm knackered!!!
  • Hey everyone....
    Thanks for the replies!

    We dont have the heating on a timer for through the night, she doesnt sleep in a sleeping bag as she hates to be restricted, and even the 18-24 months ones are getting tight for her, so she could be getting cold!

    Im not so sure about the teething, she has her 2 bottom front ones but no signs of any others!

    She has been chocked witht he cold the last couple of days, but this has been since Jan!

    We were also thinking about dream feeding her about 10.30pm, not too sure how this would work though as she is a very light sleeper! How do you do it mrsblue?

    We're gonna try an earlier bed tonight , 6.30 - 7pm.

    She had a better night last night, although was up a fair few times before we even went to bed, then again at 12.30 and 1am! but slept til 6.45 then went back down til 9.30 am, so Im feeling a bit more refreshed today..... thank goodness as Im working til 10.30pm tonight!

    Think its just gonna be trial and error!

    LoobyLou, love the invention..... Think I may copy you, as our blackout blind also has the sun coming in the sides and her room has light coloured curtains!

    However it is good to know that Im not the only one having broken sleep! Not that Im glad you guys aint sleeping well either hehe.


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