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Update on us

Hi all just thought i'd post a little update on me and Harry and let you know how we are doing,

Harry was weighed last week 22lbsimage Not as heavy as I thought he would be given the amount he eats but he is quite active.

He can't be bothered with crawling - its too slow so he rolls everywhere sits up to see where he is and rolls again. Eating all sorts of different food now too (everything appart from pinapple) He loves pitta bread pizza and chicken he also loves peas, carots and sweetcorn. He is really into feeding himself and refuses to eat porridge in the morning as it's from a spoon I'm controlling.

We had a great holiday in Benidorm and were one of the last flights to land in the UK before the ash cloud struck (how lucky) he had great fun in the sand and both harry and lewis enjoyed playing on the beach. and Harry didn't have any trouble on the plane,

Infact the holiday was a godsend as since then Harry has slept through the night!!!!!!!image

We still don't have any teeth yet, you can see them ready to break through but not actually doing anything, I'm hoping they all come through one night and thats teething over and done withimage

I'm sitting waiting on the Police at the moment as My eldest Lewis and my nextdoor neighbours girl were approached by a strange man with a dog yesterday whilst in the garden playing. We live in a small village and he was not local and scarpered when he seen both me and my neighbour watching him.

Anyway better go and get my uniform ready for tomorrow (first day back)image

Diana, Lewis and Harry xxx


  • Hiya!
    Glad little Harry is doing well.
    Glad to hear you had a nice holiday too. I'm jealous...I could really do with a break image
    Issy has no teeth yet either. I'm the same as you, just hoping they all come together as teething is a nightmare and she's been suffering for months now.
    Let us know what the police said. The world is a scary place nowadays...there seem to be weirdo's everywhere. At least you were there to see it happen.
    Good luck on your 1st day back.
    Take care
  • Hey hun,
    Glad you are all doing well! Hopefully enjoying some sleep now Harry is sleeping through! hehe
    I too am jealous of you being on holiday! Id love to go somewhere warm and sunny!

    Not so good news about the police, like Sapphire says this world is going mad!

    Hope your first day back to work is going well!

  • Hey, glad all is good with you- he's a good weight isn't he! I'm also joining the 'jealous of your hol' gang, would love to get away to somewhere lovely and sunny. Hope your finding work okay, tough isn't it? image
  • Hi guys,

    Well work hasn't been too bad actually, I'm lucky that I can phone home whenever to check how h's doing and my boss's are really good and accomodating. i've actually enjoyed being back and i've certainally missed the lovely fresh and welcoming smell from all the jakeys and junkies!!!!!

    I was lucky that my mum paid for the holiday for us (and came with us) but it wasnt too expensive. a tip.... type in alpha rooms in google and that's who we booked it through and it was really cheap and flew easyjet.

    Ofcourse I've missed Harry whilst being at work but its been nice to do something other than change bums for a couple of days. I've got a long shift tomorow 4pm till 2am then i'm supposed to be off for 10 days but got asked today to go on a course on Tues so am doing that too for a day in leiu.

    When I went to work this morning H had no teeth, when my mum picked him up from my friends this morning h had no teeth but by 4 pm we have a tooth!!! hes not cried or anything it's just popped up.

    anyhow of to o tea them bath and bed (for me) i've been up since 5

    Speak to you soon.

  • forgot to add, the police came on tuesday at that point they had no other reports of the weirdo. but took details and have created a suspisious incident log. However, found out late lastnight that he has approached at least 1 other child in the village (nr the school) on monday evening also. Her mum has reported it to the police today, so I will find out when bac at work tomorow what will be happening. Public appeal me thinks.

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