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I'm back

Hi Ladies
Its been ages since I have been on here and I am also shocked but pleased to tell you that I am expecting again! So much for breastfeeding being a contraception. It took us 4 years to catch for the first and 4 minutes for the second.I follow a lot of you on facebook so know how your getting on.
Lots of love


  • Oh congrats Littlem, another Aug 09 due in the new year!! So glad it happened so quickly for you this time - how lovely!! x
  • Congratulations! Fantastic news. All you preggers mummies are making me mighty broody though, it's so hard to wait!
    Helen x

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  • Yay, congratulations hunny! Am sooo jealous, am really broody right now and OH says no! image(
    Lisa x
  • Wow! Another one, your making me broody. Congratulations little m wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months x x
  • ahhhh congratulations littlem, thats fantastic news, delighted for you (and very jealous lol)
    Great to see you back
    Lisa xxx
  • Congratulations! At the risk of sounding like an echo (of this post and of Andipinks and Jojomummy's) I am so jealous!!! x
  • Congratulations I echo Kimmy xxx
  • Congratulations, yes so much for breastfeeding i'm 17wks today and still feeding Iris first thing and last thing. Hope you have a very happy and healthy pregnancy.
    Jo xxxxxx
  • huge congratulations to you!
    wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!
    wow Jo 17weeks already! time has flown by!

  • Woo hoo - congratulations!!
    Fab news.
    Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

  • Ah welcome back hun and what lovely news! Huge congrats!

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