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to change or not to change? also in baby

hi ladies, Holly is 10 months today. i got her weighed yesterday and she is 9.86 kg or 21 lb 11oz.
My question is should I change her to her next car seat? I was going to weight til she was 12 months but she has had a bit of a growth spurt and her head has just come above the back of the seat, so I dont know if its safe for her anymore. I know she meets all the minimum criteria for the new seat but I was really hoping to keep her rear facing a bit longer. Obviously I want to do whatever is safest!
Thanks xxx


  • I think if her head is over the top it is time to change her I'm afraid. She will love facing forward though! What seat have you got? x
  • Hey i just put Iris in her new car seat this morning and she loves it. I have the Maxi Cosi Tobi, its so easy to fit, about as safe as you can get and very well made. My 2 1/2 year old is still in his and its like new (and believe me it gets alot of use), my eldest who's 4 also had a maxi cosi tobi, which is also like new but i'm funny about reusing car seats so have bought a new one for Iris, they aren't the cheapest on the market ??185 i think i paid but you can spend a lot more for ones not as highly rated too.
    Jo xxx

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  • I know they're rare but there are some rear facing second stage car seats, there have been a couple of threads about them on here x
  • Definitely time to change seats. Now her head is above the seat it is considered unsafe I believe.

    Alfie has been in his FF car seat for a month now and loves it. We got the Britax Eclipse for hubby's car and got the Britax First Class for mine. The first class can go both RF and FF. We just use it FF. We got ours from Mothercare as there was a sale a few wk back. I originally wanted the Maxi Cosi Tobi but the sales assistant converted me. Plus hubby was chuffed at the price of each being half that of the Tobi. I liked the Tobi for the extra features but the Britax has similar ones anyway. There are little rubber pockets either side to tuck the seatbelt clips into so it holds it out the way whilst getting baby in & out. The tightening strap also has an audible click so you know it's tight enough. Plus they recline really far back and can be moved whilst baby is in it.
    There is still a sale on at Mothercare....

    Shell xx
  • I got the Britax safefix it was 250 euro in a sale online. Tried to find rear facing but couldnt anywhere and couldnt find any shop in uk who would deliver to Ireland.
    But I really like the britax, its isofix and has the leg to stop it getting thrown forward in a crash and has the click tensioner and places to hold the straps. It is also approved by the AA which is a nice reassurance. I put Holly in it yesterday and she absolutely loves facing forward.

    Cant believe im putting away her cabriofix already, seems like only yesterday we were bringing her home in it!!
  • Hi, Concord Ultimax is rear facing till about 18 months. Costs about ??170.00 x
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