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For those trying/going to try again soon....

Juat wondered, are you back at work? Will you go back after your second one? How will you manage financially?

I went bac kto woork fulltime when Haiden was 6 months as financially we needed me to. I would really like another one, but we can't put two in childcare as we struggle with how much it costs for just Haiden. So H2B is saying we can't have another till Haiden is at school, but I'm just not prepared to wait that long



  • We are going to be trying again in August. I went back to work last month and work part time, were lucky in that we both have fairly good wages but money will be tight when we have two in childcare.

    We also have an 11 yr old daughter and she costs us quite a bit with clothes and her dancing etc.

    We have had a look at our finnaces and its do-able but we have resigned ourselves to the fact that money will be tight for the next few years, I think it will be worth the sacrifice though xx
  • Hi girls,

    I came back to work full time two weeks ago and we are planning to start trying in the next month or two.

    I wont be coming back to work though I was planning on only coming back to work till Oct anyway though I have not told work this as yet.

    I know it will be so hard but we both would love another one and do not want a huge gap between them both. I think we will be due to sit down together soon and go through money and so on.

    I also do photography on the side so that does bring in a little money each month and am hoping to do it more so when I leave work.

  • Thanks for your replies. I wish I could pursuade OH that we can do it with me not working. It really is the only option if I'm not prepared to wait for a few years for number 2. Our house is very small too but we could make do while number 2 is tiny

    Another issue would be the fact that I want to go to uni to do Midwifery. I would be bringing in bursary money then (more than if I wasn't working at all) but we would need to have some sort of childcare which is just too expensive around here, especially with 2 to pay for!

    I keep hearing things about the Tories taking away my tax credits, child benefit and childcare vouchers, and if they do we really will struggle! Maybe I should give up work just to make sure I'm still entitled!! xx
  • LOL might be a good idea it seems in this world, if you actually work for a living you get screwed over.

    It's a very hard one I mean, hubby and I can just managed but it will be tight. i do ask myself if I want to live liek that and would it maybe be best to wait just a bit longer.

    Maybe you should just sit your hubby down and tell him how you feel about this all and show him a plan of action (that you would have come up with before your talk) as to how it would work and how you could cope.

    Money worries cause such huge problems in good relationship so you want to make sure you are in a position that you can somehow cope.

  • Have you looked at other options such as working in evenings when hubby is home? this may help with childcare as you wouldn't need any during the day.

    I know it can be upsetting not putting your littleones to bed but it is good for hubby to have some alone time with them too.

  • I definitely couldn't do that with my job unfortunately. I wish I had thought of being a MW years ago as it seems it can be much more flexible! x
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