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Car Seats

Has anyone put their LO is the next size up yet?

I feel bad when I have to put Haiden in her Cabriofix as she tried her hardest to sit up and she can't. Also she kicks the back of the seat in the car as she can't stretch out.

Not had her weighed for a few weeks but I hope to get her weighed tomorrow when I have the day off work

She was 17lb 4 1/2oz a few weeks back and will be 8 months on 30th July xxx


  • My boys have been in theirs for about a month now. They love them and have had no problems,they were younger than recommended but just didn't fit in their baby seats! They are now 8 months (yesterday)and 21 1/2lbs each,but were about 1 1/2lbs less when they went into the next sstage seats. x
  • Hi hun.
    Issy is still in her cabriofix too. She doesn't like being strapped in one bit and arches her back to avoid being strapped in.
    I went into a shop near mine to ask about the next stage care seat but they said Issy is too little at the moment and she needs to be over 20lbs. To be fair she still fits in her cabriofix fine but I know she'll love sitting up and being nosey.
  • Alfie is still in his cabriofix but when he's in it he is squished and can reach his feet quite far up the back of the back seat. His head doesn't reach the top of his seat yet but he is over 20lb. I've been trying to keep him in his rear facing seat as long as possible for safety reasons but I think we'll be getting the next seat in about a months time. Plus I can no longer lift the fatty when in his car seat!

    When we went to Knowsley Safari Park on mothers day I had him sat on my knee in the front passenger seat so he could see out and he loved it so I'm certain he would very much like a forward facing seat!

    Shell xx
  • Grace is coming up to 28 weeks but is really squished in her Cabriofix! At last weigh in, ten days ago, she was 20lb 2oz.

    We have ordered the next stage car seat and went for the M&P Pallas. We'll pick it up at the end of April and then will prob move Grace into it when we get back from hols second week in May, so she will be approaching 8 months.

    Em xx
  • Is it 8 months or 9 months they have to be to go into the next car seat?
  • I think it is supposed to be not before 9months and 20lbs minimum.......However I am sure I read that if baby's head is going to be over the top of the seat then to change sooner.

    Em xx
  • Emma is correct, you are advised to wait until 9 months but if the baby's head has reached the top of the back of the car seat then it is no longer safe and so need to change to the next one up.

    Just out of interest, what seat has everyone decided on? We're going to go for the Maxi Cosi Tobi. (I think, he he).

    Shell xx
  • I better check this out then I have a tall boy he's only just over 7 months though. I have no idea which seats are good ones to buyb though x
  • Hey,
    My LO has been in her stage 1 car seat since just over 5 months. We had the mamas and papas primo viaggio and she got way too big for it way to quick! Last weigh in she was just over 26lbs at 6 months. I also couldnt lift her in it! She used to scream like crazy if we put her in it!

    We decided that as she was still very young we'd buy the Britax first class plus which can be used rear facing as no one would sell us a stage 1 seat as she wasnt 9 months or sittin unaided for long periods. However when we were reading the manual it said that for babies over 11kg the seat has to be forward facing..... so for us this was a waste of money. When it was rear facing we had to crawl across the back seat to get her in and out as the seat belt was in the way, and that was also a back breaker. And now forward facing she loves to see what is going on and look out the window, but the britax doesnt seem to have as much room in it as some of the 9 months + seats. So we may end up having to buy another seat in a few months!

    Very sturdy seat and she seesm to find comfy though!

    Sorry for the novel lol

  • I upgraded my eldest to his rom facing car seat at 10months. He'd been getting too big for his rear facing one (since about 6 months) but it was mainly his legs.

    Harry is starting to get to that stage too where we really need to start thinking about moving up to the next stage but his head isn't quite at the top yet. I'll be going for another britax eclipsesi as that's what I had first time around and I had no complaints.

    Incidentally my friend's little one has been in a front facing car seat since 3 months old! Yes we know it's too young but she had no choice her lo had a hip cast then brace on and couldn't fit into any rear facing car seat even the ones that are supposed to do stage 0 then stage 1. Her lo is absoultly fine and has had no problems. she did get a neck suppot cushion thing (the ones that u buy that rap round your neck for travelling) and her Dr's said that this would provide all the support she needed.

  • Well we got Haiden weighed today and she is 17lb 14 1/2 oz so still not heavy enough unfortunately

    We are going for a Maxi Cosi Axiss xx
  • We've not decided which one to go for yet!
    I like the look of several to be honest.
    What has made you choose the one's you have?
  • We like the Maxi CosiTobi as it has some of the best safety reviews.
    Plus it has useful features such as a harness that springs open so easy to get LO in & out, a tension indicator so you know you've got the harness tight enough, markers to help show you where to feed the seatbelt through (is easy to fit according to reviews), has 5 recline positions and it looks funky which is an added bonus!

    Shell xx
  • floss i was looking at that one but hubby found quite a few reviews where people were saying that their lo's were able to open the straps. might be worth looking into a bit more.
    according to the aa the britax duo plus is one of the safest so i think we will go for that
  • Hiya Lisao - I know what reviews you mean but when I read into it more it was the older models that had had the problems with the straps/harnesses and the newer models are a lot better. Thanks for the heads up though image

    Shell xx
  • oh thats good to know, thanks

    Lisa xxx
  • Lisao - I think for my peace of mind now though I'm going to go to Mothercare and fiddle with the straps just to check how easy/hard it is to undo them! he he
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