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Hi girls Update

Hi All

Hope you and all your babys are doing well

Well we are back from holiday had a lovely time, travelling with a 9 month old is hard work though, I took all elle's kitchen food for his meals and some organix jars and he wouldn't eat them think he is to used to mjy cooking........... So finding things for him to eat was hard, and he had the runs for a rew days but he was happy in himself and enjoyed spending time with his mummy and especially Daddy.

Work, have still turned down my 4 day request at my appeal, they gave me the choice of returning fulltime or 2 days on a job share. I have taken the 2 days it is going to be financially very tight but I think its the right choice. So I start back next week they haven't given me weekends either as I used to work so lots of family time with hubby which is good.

Annette&Reuben xxx


  • Ah hun, I'm pleased youmanaged to resolve things, just sorry you haven't got the days you wanted. Have replied on your other post about extra income but I'm looking too so if you find anything good let me know!
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