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Hey ladies

Just wondering how many of us are taking/taken out little ones for the combined MMR jab?

Joe is booked to have the single Measles and Mumps but not Rubella as they don't do that one individually.

K x x


  • Poor Jack had his MMR in one leg, then the meningitis and pneumonia in the other yest. Had a temp yest and is a bit loose in the toilet dept today but been fine. Thought with him having egg allergy, he'd need a one at hospital like his big bro but he was fine image

    Have you decided to go for it now? I know you were obviously hesitant after the problems you had last time round. I just keep thinking it would be awful if they got measles or meningitis so told myself that before I took him! Good idea getting the single ones. I'm sure he'll be fine hun. Well done x
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