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suspected meningitis!terrified

Hi girls, i've had the most awful 3 days. Olivia has been non stop poorly for 5 weeks since being in nursery including chicken pox!got rushed in an ambulance, blue lights flashing to hospital tues eve with suspected meningitis. Antibiotic drip in now so hopefully if it is we've caught it early. We had to her her down for 35 mins screaming till she farted and coughed at same time while 2 doctors tried to insert a canilar (sp?) into her tiny little veins. It was the worst 35 mins of my life!Just waiting for cultures to come back now to see if there is any bacterial growth. lovely ward and frightened though.
I just knew something was wrong,she went limp in my arms and had a temperature of 38.7 after having calpol!took an hour for ambulance to turn up.
sorry about rushed typing
I just pray the results come back negative tom and if it is positive result, we caught it early and the anti biotics kick in!

A very worried mum xx


  • Jenny that's terrible, so sorry that you are going through this. Sounds like you've been a fab mummy and picked up on all the signs really quickly, so hopefully all will be well. Hugs to you, it's awful seeing your little one suffering. Keep us updated, will be thinking of you! x
  • OMG Jenny, how horrible for you must have been awful holding her down hun. At least she is in the right place and getting treated, bloody outrageous about the ambulance!!! Keep us posted about the result and got everything crossed that its negative!
    Lisa xx
  • **big hugs**
    Can't believe it took the ambulance that long!!!! How awful it must've been for you. I've got my fingers crossed for you and hope Olivia feels better soon. Please let us know the outcome although I know you'll be busy snuggling your LO.

    Thinking of you
    Shell xx
  • OMG That must have been so frightening! Sending more hugs and some positive mental attitude to you all in the hope it all turns out just fine.
  • Home now and have been treated as if it was meningitis, NO bacteria grew on plates so they are putting it down to a nasty virus but wll continue to grow the cultures for 5 more days. Its strange because the rash was excatly like meningitis, the doctors said that they can get rash with virus. I'm so relieved to be home. Lovely ward though. So glad it wasn't meningitis.. Thanks for your messages. xx
  • Brilliant news, what a terrible time you have had. Hope your gorgeous girl is on the mend x
  • Omg how frightening! So glad to hear she is ok. That must have been such a scary time for you all.

    Cat xxx
  • Oh hun how frightening for you. So pleased she's on the mend and back home.
  • HI hun. Glad things are on the up. Poor little mite image We had the same with Lily when she was 8 weeks old. No rash but poorly and temp of 39 with calpol. We had the same pinning her down while they did canulars etc and then they took her for a lumber puncture. Worst time of my life.They also grew cultures and nothing came of it like you but she was traeted as menigitis for 7days on anti biotics.
    Poor little lamb, i know what you are going through, she will be better soon and hopefully forgotten all about it.

    How is she today?x
  • oh no that must have been so scary for you. glad she is home now and on the mend!
  • So glad it wasn't menengitus, glad your home now, big hugs xxxxxxxx
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