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when do babies stop sleeping all the time?

as the title says! Henry is 3 weeks old and aside from feeds pretty much sleeps 24 hours, other than awake time between 5pm and 7pm. At 7pm we do his bath as he's usually cranky and he has a long feed going down between half eight and nine.

I know i shouldnt complain but wonder if he should be awake a little bit more? Obviously he wakes for feeds and we have a cuddle and a chat but mostly he's asleep in his basket. Feel bad i dont give him more attention, but he oobviously needs to sleep!

Feel im heading for a huge fall as at the moment its easy to catch up on sleep, have a shower, clean up etc. If we go out he sleeps the whole time except for feeds, anything between 2-4 hourly lasting 30-45 mins. Just wondered if 2nd time mums have any advice x


  • Rebekah was the same when she was just born. She is 11 weeks old and it is only within the past 2-3 weeks that she is wakened more. I know what you are on about when you say they sleep all the time and you feel you can't give them your attention. I even feel the same way when Rebekah is awake more because I think you can only do so much with a baby that young and they could be bored but my husband keeps telling me that she doesn't know any difference which I know is true. I don't remember really this time when my other daughter was this age. She is 4 tomorrow. I just alternate Rebekah between her swing and her mat and my knee when she is awake and then the moses basket or even the swing when she is asleep. Believe me though they do start wakening more. I did think the same as you about Rebekah at the start.
  • thanks louise.i have bouncy chair and play gym and during his limited time awake he goes on these. I try to talk to him and spend lots of time looking at him and smiling at him but feel a bit guilty that during the long breast feeding times i often watch tv :/ i do talk to him but not all the way through as its a lot of time! I also try to take him out in the pram for walks (surprise surprise he sleeps through all this) we visit mum and friends but he sleeps through it all. I dont like people holding him too much when he's asleep as i want him to stay able to settle in his basket, but i do let people have some cuddles as i feel the poor little guy is always in his basket! x
  • was just reading back over this and laughing to myself. Henry is now 12 weeks and although a good sleeper at night, feeds hourly for most of the day and im lucky if i get him to have a couple of 20 minute naps all day! The first month he did nothing but sleep and the second month still slept a lot, i could certainly entertain him for his short periods awake. As of about 10 weeks he has started to be awake all the time, wanting constant entertaining, it's hard work!! We now own a swing, a twinkley box thing to lie him under, play gym and bouncy chair and hes not massively keen on any of them!! Trips out everyday are essential to keep us both sane. Am looking forward to him being able to play with toys, it will make life easier. Due to a neck injury from his birth his head control still isnt quite good enough for bumbo and door swinger, but we have both ready!! x
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