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My twins Bobby and Joe born 30/08/11

Hi everyone. Thought id introduce my little "twinkles". They are twins, born 1 minute apart via c section after going into labour at 35 +5, Bobby first at 12.34pm weighing 3lb 15oz, and Joe born at 12.35pm weighing 5lb 61/2oz. Bobby now weighs 4lb 5oz and Joe weighs 6lb. As you can see they are non identical and completely different with bobby being dark and joe fair. They are amazing and im so proud to be there mummy. I have 3 other children and 3 step children so our house is crazy but never dull. With 8 children under 6 years old in the house at some point is tough but fulfilling when we look at them all together. Hope you are all doing well with your new babys image xx


  • Gorgeous wee boys. Congrats. Your house must be mad lol.

    My daughter Rebekah was due on 1st August but decided to arrive at 34+6 weeks on 26th June and weighed 5lb 7.5oz. She is doing great and is 3 months already. My first daughter was also born at 34+4 weeks and was 3lb 12oz. She was 4 last week. Can't believe how fast time goes.

    Good luck with your beautiful boys and enjoy every minute with them.
  • thankyou.Its amazing how well prem babies do isnt it after all the hurdles. They are coming on leaps and bounds now!! x
  • Prem babies def thrive. Sometimes I think they thrive better than full term babies. Rebekah is getting weighed now on Tuesday and will be 14 weeks so looking forward to see how big she is then. She was 9lb 9oz at 10 weeks old.
  • hello! Congrats on your beautiful twin boys. I have henry who was born august 18th, 3 days after due date, 8 pounds 13 at birth and at last count ten days ago was 11 pounds 14 ounces! He's looking lovely and chunky on booby milk image can't even imagine what it must be like to have so many children - i can't even imagine having two!!

    louise n i think you were the first dia mummy - or certainly one of them - to have your lo, is she sleeping through yet? Am looking forward to that time! Henry 6 weeks on sun and 2.5-4 hourly feeding in night, 1-3 hourly in day. Starting to smile and follow us with his eyes now x
  • G/C but had to say, they are PRECIOUS!! congratulations on your beautiful boys x
  • Yes I am the first DIA mummy. Rebekah was born on 26th June at 34+6 weeks. She is 14 weeks and getting weighed tomorrow. She is no bother and really good. She is sleeping approx 6-7 hours straight so glad of that. She is still small for her age I suppose so it may take a bit longer than some babies to sleep through. During the day she is feeding approximately every 4 hours. Rebekah is smiling away as well and following us. Its great to see them coming on and doing things different. She also seems to love her baby chair now and her playmat more than she did and is wakened a lot more as well.
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