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Routines (also in due in Aug 2011)

Hello all you august mummys!

I have been AWOL for a while so thought i would catch up on how everyone is doing. How are all your routines going? Mollie seems to be in a 3-4 hourly routine for feeding but we seem to have a 7pm-10/midnight episode of unsettledness and crying and we cant seem to settle her down despite rocking/ feeding. Its not colic- shes not bringing her legs up or seeming to be in discomfort. She just seems to be overly tired and fighting sleep... and if we do get her to sleep its such a light sleep that she wakes up easily with any noise or if she sleep "startles".

I want to try and start getting her into a routine now so thinking bath at 7:30pm and bedclothes on and then feed and try and put her down but not sure how you do this if she consistently cries?

Any advice would be great! Hope you are all doing well.



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