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kick starting this forum!

in DIA and BIA

hi ladies DIA forum has pretty much died now so am aiming to kick start this one as it's been very quiet.

My henry is 8 weeks old now, a fighting 14 pounds 14 ounces on exclusive breast milk, am loving mummyhood. Just doing 2 night feeds now which i think is good going. Off for first injections tomorrow, bit scary! Hope all you august mummies are doing well, and that you might have a bit of time to make it back on here at some point. I'd like to compare stories with you ladies who've been on the whole pregnancy journey with me! xx


  • Hi Alfie!

    My baby Thomas is 8 weeks now too! Hes 12lb 2oz, Hes just starting to smile which is gorgeous! I think i underestimated how hectic life would be with 3 boys but i love it! Thomas is generally waking twice in the night but last night it was only once so im hoping its a sign of things to come! xx
  • Hi. I replied in the DIA forum. Would be good to see this forum up and running again.
  • hi not been on for a while. I have a ptoblem with my left eye so cannot see very well. Causing real problems when bf, changing nappies etc as I can't see anything close to me!!

    I know Emilie-May was born in July but still look in this one as well.

    At 8weeks Emilie-May weighed in at 10lb 2oz. She is growing well despite her bad reflux. We have got a consultant app on the 3rd on November to get her put on omeprazole because ranitidine and gaviscon have had no effect.

    Hope you are all well.
  • Good idea to kick start this!

    ITs nice to compare and share! image Well TOby is 9 weeks on sunday havent had him weighed for a few weeks image but at 7 weeks he was 12lb big boy! He is feeding every 3 hours sometimes 4 but is sleeping 10 - 6/7 so doing really well hasnt had his jabs as we have all got the sickness bug so they refused to do it! HE has been smiling since 3 weeks and cooeing for about 3 weeks now getting very vocal and trying to pull himself foward when sitting on laps - His big brother rory is fantastic with him and loves him alot i find 2 kids easier than one but then again first time round i had pnd

    Hope everyone is well image We will be discussing christmas soon as that is fast approaching! lol


    **mummy to two beautiful boys**

    **Rory 13/01/09**

    **Toby 21/08/11**
  • Hi,

    I replied in DIA!

    Linds image
  • Hi there, I haven't been on here for ages but nice to see how well everyone's little ones are doing.

    George is almost 13 weeks now and although we haven't been weighed this week he's around 12lbs, long and skinny like my older son.

    I love being a mummy with 2 boys its so much fun, hard work yes, but loads of smiles, cuddles and loveliness
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