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How is everyone?

Thoughyt I would start a thread to see how everyone's little ones are progressing as time is flying quickly.

Emilie-May is now 15w+3days

She weighed 7lb15oz when she was born and last week at her consultant app she weighed 12lb 4oz. So gaining weight nicely.

She is now 60cm long - long and thin making clothes a bit baggy.

She has very bad reflux and is now completley dairy free(as am I as bf) She is also on Omeprazole.

She spends her time chuckling to herself and her big brothers. She also loves talking to our 3 dogs when having floor time. She doesn't have any tummy time at the moment as it causes too much discomfort and sickenss.

She has no teeth yet but is dribbling sooo much they might be comnig soon.

She likes being upright to see what is going on and loves being in my sling as I am walking everywhere.

She unfortunately has a bad chest at the moment due to too much mucous from her dairy allergy and a bad cold.

She sleeps for about 3hours between feeds at night.

She especailly enjoys being spoiled by daddy who of course has named her "his little princess"!!

She went on her first holiday abroad last week - to disneyland Paris and loved the fireworks/xmas lights and music.

Gone on a bit about my lovely little girl.

How is everyone else?


  • Hi,

    Doesn't time fly!!

    My daughter Addison Amelia was born on 13th Aug makingher 13weeks and 3days, weighing 7lb 3oz at birth and now weighs 11lb 7oz so good weight gain - she is also long and thin!

    She has started teething in the last couple of weeks, so she has been a bit grumpy. Up to now (touch wood) she has been quite well just a few sniffles.

    We are so lucky because right from birth she only wakes up once in the night and we are now coming into the stage of sleeping through at least once to twice a week. I think this could be from setting her bed time to 7pm from 3 weeks old, she is now well and truly used to it and even if wide awake she goes to sleep at 7pm.

    She has totally developed a personality and I can sometime see the look in her eyes to say 'I have daddy wrapped around my little finger!' haha!.

    The one thing that I have learnt in the las 3 months and would pass on as my golden rule is to trust my own instincts. My health visitor is useless (even to the extreme of asking me whether Addison was in the development stage) She is my first so I don't really know!

    It seems like 2 minutes ago since I was writing about being nervous etc in DIA!

    Glad your little girl is well! x x x
  • hi ladies

    lovely to hear your updates. Henry is 13+3 and about 16 pounds (ive been on the scales with and without him and have come to this conclusion - although having him weighed properly today!) he's a big boy for his age and i think more is expected of him because of this. Im the worst culprit! i see older babies that are actually the same size as henry doing things and worry that henry can't - my poor LO is still very young though.

    He has been exclusively BF and is my little star - doing 12 hour nights last couple of weeks - not even a dream feed needed (I know im boasting lol, i also know im very lucky!) feeds were hourly in the day and was wondering about weaning at 4 months, now 1.5-2 hourly so just going to see how he goes - im sure he wouldnt sleep through if he was hungry.

    He is a smiley baby who is just learning to giggle. He bats things occasionally but only if he feels like it! He loves his bath and baby massage, and is developing a liking for the door swinger! He had a neck injury at birth so we have to be careful and sit with him in it until head control is perfect. He HATES his car seat! Which makes travelling hard! His favourite thing in the world is having nothing on on his mat kicking about.

    no teeth yet but dribbleing +++!

    He slept for the first month (honestly) and for most of the 2nd, but his 3rd month has been more demanding! Does NOT want to be laid flat unless naked and kicking about, wants to be upright and ideally moving around with mummy. Am looking forward to him taking a bit more interest in his toys for this reason!

    He is absolutely beautiful and im so emotional when i say how proud we all are of him - he has made us and both our families so happy.

    Would love to hear how some others are getting on too - we were in the same boat for our pregnancies would be lovely to stay in touch xx
  • Hi there. Haven't been on this in ages as it was so quiet on here. Rebekah is 5 months tomorrow. Can't believe how fast time goes. I don't know exactly what she weighs but I think she is about 14lb or around that anyway. She is fine but very very long. Her wee feet is coming out of babygros for 18lb babies. My eldest is above average as well for her height. Suppose thats what happens when you have a 6' daddy lol.

    I started Rebekah on baby rice on Tuesday and she got on fine but wasn't overly fussed with the first few spoonfuls every day but was fine then. Today however I tried her with the creamy porridge from Aptimal and she loved it and ate every spoonful. She is sleeping fine although does start to wake up during the night an odd time but not for a feed. I think she seems to be changing her routine as well and taking her last bottle earlier so going to start putting her up in her cot earlier in the evenings to see if it helps. When she gets overtired she is a nightmare and hard to settle. She is a great baby in general and very pleasant.

    She loves lying in her playmat and hits away at the toys with her hands and her feet which is great to see. She also hits the ones in her rocker and is able to put the music on. So funny. She smiles all the time when people talk to her and talks away to herself. She loves sitting up and looking around her. She tries to lift herself up on her own when she is lying down or in her chair so has to be watched very carefully because of this. Hopefully wont be long until she sits up herself. I brought her Baby Eienstein Discovery Centre down from the attic today. This was my eldest daughters and she loved it so going to get it all cleaned up for tomorrow. Had her in it for a couple of minutes today and she loved all the activities so something else for her to do. Her big sister loves her to bits so she keeps saying lol.

    Well enough of my showing off lol. Im away to bed as I have to take my eldest to Monkeynastixs tomorrow.

  • everyone sounds liek their coming along well! image

    Toby is 14 weeks and 2 days, he weighs 14lb 1 time does fly especially with christmas coming up! He is quite an active baby, loves being in his jumperoo but he does get bored quickly and with the reflux he tends to scream alot during the day (although i have to say it seems to be getting better thank god!) Rory is really good with him plays with him all the time had many a proud moment watching my boys, as i was typing that rory gave toby one of his prize possesions a dinosaur image

    Toby is on gaviscon now for his reflux and seeing how that goes as he had a reaction with the domperidome and rinatidine combo- He doesnt like being on his belly too much but is grabbing everything and its going straight in his mouth think he is teething dribbling lots and gumming his fingers and makes then red lol . HE can be quite vocal doing that high pitched excited yell lately he is sleeping from 10-6 which is not bad hoping to pull it ealier but im in no rush too!

    and his eyes are still blue.. so are his older brothers - even tho me and my husband have brown eyes they are stunning kids if i do say so myself haha

  • Havent been on here since Thomas was born lol!

    He was born on August 16th 4 days early by emergency section after 28 hours of labour dilating and contracting he was not coming out so they went in to get him...he weighed 7lb8.5oz at birth and at 15weeks (last week) he was 14lb 150z

    Great considering he was rushed into hospital at 4weeks old he had late onset strepcossus B which in turn led to meningitis (not meningicoccul so was lucky in that respect) he had antibiotics intravenously for 12 days and we were in hospital for almost 3weeks all in all image He is thankfully fine now...I had an infection in my section scar for 3 weeks post birth but im also on the mend now i have PND doc says probly due to the stress of Emergency section and Thomas being so ill but im on tablets now and they help a lot image Thomas sleeps 12-6 usually not atm since his last lot of injections he holds his head up has 2 teeth giggles all the time talks away can sit unaided for a few seconds loves his bumbo and chatting doesnt like being left alone now lol so he goes in baby carrier with me image

    He has me eating out of the palm of his hand and is spoilt rotten but thats what mummy's are for image Thomas's Dad has not bothered with him since he was born he never even replied to the picture message i sent to tell him Thomas had been born :/ he seen him when he was 3wks but never bothered since not even when he was so poorly but ive adjusted to being a single mum and have excellent family and friends just means my days are hectic and seldom get on computer lol glad were all well xxx
  • hi bumplover

    so pleased you got on here - im so sorry things have been so rough for you and Thomas, ive been wondering how you both are.

    Not surprised you've been feeling down, im glad thomas is feeling better. I think depressiion is a normal reaction to what you've been through. You sound like an amazing mum doing a difficult job very well. And 2 teeth! Wow, henry still has no teeth but dribbleing 24/7!!

    As for Thomas's dad, he's not even worth it, what a looser (sorry hun if over stepping the mark) - but i think when you realise how gorgeus your LO is, and then your ex can just ignore him, it only highlights what a moron he must be.

    I hope Thomas continues to up his sleeping and that you both have a special first christmas, with lots of support from your lovely family.

    Henry is 16 weeks and im guessing 16 and a half pounds (big boy for his age) eating and sleeping well and a proper heartbreaker.

    keep in touch when you can xx
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