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hey bouncing between forum's just wanted to say hello

Hey, Just a little about me and my DS Alex.

Im from Due In Sep but baby Alex was early and was born 29th Aug so I just thought id pop in here for a time and say hello to you all.

Alex is now 15+2wks old and weighs 12lb 9oz and is 61cm long so he is like his dad tall and skinny. At 3wks I was diagnosed PND I love my little man and im now getting help from my GP and my OH is helping out too, things seem to be looking up.

He is a fussy drinker and has been since day 1. I did try to breast feed which was a disaster so I experssed and fed it to him from a bottle, I got rather lazy and gave up experssing when he was 6 wks old and has been on formula since. He also likes to try and talk when your trying to feed him which is hilarious and prob dosnt help when I laugh at him doing it.

Alex is such a bubbly little man talks away all day and when he gets excited he shouts down the house or squeals he has giggled a few times wich is lovely. He isnt that keen on tummy time somedays he is ok and just falls asleep and other days he just fusses too much or sometimes crys. He loves his bouncer and bath time, he is learning to hold things and bring them up to his face/mouth lol. He is def a mummys boy has me wraped round his little fingure.

Alex wasnt planed and it came as a bit of a shock to me and my fiance we were set to be get married Sept 11 but it was put on hold when I found out I was pregnant.

I also had just started a new job at equestrian centre as Headgroom which I loved. I left when I was around 5months pregnant as I didnt want to chance working with horses and maybe getting kicked or falling off when riding. I sold 2 of my own horses which helped with baby finances but I kepted my shetland pony for him so he can ride it when he is old enough. Hope he likes her.

I love my mee man to peices and I now wonder what i did without him. Hope you didnt mind me babbling on(im very good at it) image



  • Hew how are you. Glad your son is going well. I was due on 1st August but had my daughter on 26th June so a but earlier than expected. I have another daughter who is 4 years old. My daughter doesn't like tummy time either and cries when you put her on her tummy. My eldest daughter was the same.

    I have started her on 3 meals a day from this week. I weaned her at 5 months and she has been doing fine. She was never a great bottle feeder either but she is her correct weight for her age. She is also very long like her Daddy. I am going to have 2 very tall girls lol.

    I am off work until April and loving being off but I will be glad to get back for a full wage again haha. Maternity pay is a killer.
  • Hey,

    loving the time off work but not sure if the job will still be there for me if/when i go back. lol. tho money would be great

    DS is now 4months do you think he is too young to give him baby rice? would it put weight on or just fill him up at this stage?

  • I didn't start my both daughters until they were 5 months but every child is differet. It depends that maybe the bottles aren't filling him right. I just knew the time was right with both of mine. Some people wean from 4 months but I just preferred to wait a while longer. It would probably help put on a bit of weight but the milk is better for that. It may just fill him up a bit more now.
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