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also posted in pregnancy forum MAP FAILED!

Cant believe im pregnant again im only 2 weeks as the condom split so got the MAP and thought it would be fine, Obv not!

I have 3 yr old and a 19 week old! Panick! We are currently in the process of 'what to do' i dont think i can go through a termination, we have only just moved 6 months ago into a 3 bedroom house, so i think my older 2 will have to share in the biggest bedroom (they are all good sizes)

So much to think about, money, space the fact we didnt want another one only found out yesterday but so confused and torn, keep crying every 5 minutes.

To add to the st ress of it both my previous births were shoulder dystocia which put my kids lives in danger and the second time i heamooraged quite bad. So it would have to be a c-section which im errified about specially the first time they took 3 hours to get my epidural in adn second time they couldnt do it so i had to push a stuck baby out on gas and air

Im soo scared


  • oh hun did not want to R+R what a time you've been having - understand your fears, sounds like you were very responsible and fate intervened, this bubba must be a very resilient little person that is meant to be...i hope as some time as passed you are coming to terms with it now, you're a mum and mums just do what they need to do, sounds like you have more than a lot of people might do in your situation...sounds like a big part of it is the birth which is understandable but thats one day in your life hun and you will get past it (and im not for one minute downplaying what you've been through, it must have been terrifying). If you discuss your distress with them enough they may consider an elective section so you can at least avoid labour, know the date your bubba's coming and in the middle of all the other stresses you have at least this one will be lessened.

    You have 8 months to get sorted,both your children will be older, and it will all click into place. Sometimes the best things in life are the things you didnt plan for. Big hugs xx
  • Hi how are you doing? Xx
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