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Hi all,

Happy 2012! I havent been on here for absolutely fact i cannot believe how fast the time has flown and our little ones are 5 months old. It makes me think of how much time i used to have to myself to come on these forums etc.... ha ha!

Anyway just a quick question, my little one is now getting too big for moses so want to put her into her cot bed, butttt she loves the moses and snuggles her head right up into the top of it as a comfort thing. Does anyone know of any nests or matress props that you can put in the cot bed, that she can snuggle into? The cot bed is just so big and wide for her i can just see her rolling around all night in it!!

Thanks august mummies!



  • hi jonesymh!!

    good to hear from you! Didnt want to R+R but not much to add, henry is 5 and a half months now but is a big boy and left his moses basket a long time ago - he was glad of the space as he likes to sleep star fished and he was wacking his arms on the moses basket.

    Henry had torticollis back when he was 2 months old ( a stiff neck due to his birth) he's had physio for it now and its better but it resulted in him sleeping with his head on one side all the time and a slight flattening of his skull on that side. We bought him a pillow to prevent head flattenign from jojomamambebe in a heart shape which you can lay your baby on and it doesnt increase the risk of cot death. There are also some other pillows on there. id be very wary of using anything thats no approved in this way. x
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