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1st birthdays!

Hello, time has flown by.

Emilie-May was 1 on the 29th July and we celebrated her birthday by taking her on a plane to Zante on that day!!

She has 4 teeth and is a proper madam. She bullies her 2 big brothers and throws strops all the time. She is capable of walking but finds crawling much quicker so opts not to walk unless she has to.

Here is a pic of her in a photo competition where she is showing her true madamness!

And this is her small big bro ( often confused for twins)

And this is her bigger bro who spends his life protecting her and being wrapped around her finger doing what ever he can to keep her happy!

Feel free to vote for them if you wish (every little helps). image

Hope everyone else is ok and enjoying life with their lo's who are now toddlers!!
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