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Pregnancy Sickness

Hey girlies! Last time i was on here was when i was pregnant with my son and it helped me greatly so i thought i would pop back!

This time i feel totally different. Headache for days, i cant cook anything cause it makes me sick, i feel light sucks!

How is everyone feeling? Xx


  • Hi Tracey_and_baby. Welcome and congrats! When are you due?

    Sorry you are feeling so rubbish, hopefully it won't last too long

  • Hi Tracy,

    I was really sick and tired alot and the GP did a urine test and discovered I had a urine infection. I also had headaches, I didn't really have any idea that it could be a water infection no cystitis or anything. If your sickness and headaches continue to be intense you should pop to the GP for a quick once over. xx
  • TRACEY_AND_BABY!!!! I remember you from due in May09! I think my user name then was aileenh10.

    Congratulations on being pregnant again image I am too!! Only just found out, due Sep2012, thought the same as you really liked being on here last time so decided to come on again, but the due in Sep forum isn't up yet so I had a snoop in here!!!

    Hope you're enjoying being a mummy

    And congratulations to everyone on this board for your BFPs image


    ETA sorry you're feeling rubbish this time around. I don't have any symptoms yet other than sore boobs and being very tired, but am dreading sickness starting!
  • Hi,

    This is my 2nd pregnancy as well and I don't seem to be suffering as much this time (so far) it's still early days tho I suppose, I'm only 6+3.

    I've had headaches and tiredness and feeling freezing cold at times, oh and a bit of nausea but other than that not too bad to date.

    The thing I suffered with last time the most was sore boobies and right from the get-go too but I haven't suffered at all with them this time????

    Now you mention the light-headedness, I've had a couple of "moments" of that too.

    What's you EDD? x
  • I've had exactly the same (and I'm Tracy too, but without the "e"!) But I have put my headaches down to tea withdrawal- I can't drink it at all, so have gone from cutting down to cutting out very quickly! I can only drink hot squash now.

    But I'm glad of all the symptoms. it makes me feel more pregnant!
  • I miss tea too WindyMiller!! image

    Decaf just isn't the same, I'm having tea withdrawals, lol x
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