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Just for fun - Chinese Gender Chart

So, just for a giggle, who wants a prediction of the sex of their baby? Have a look at this link:

I used this for my 1st baby and it predicted a boy which was correct, this time it's predicting another boy.

We will see!!! I'll bump this back up once we've all had our LO's to see which ones were correct. image


  • Hi, I used this 1st time around and it correctly said I was having a boy. It says I'm having another boy but I feel like it is a girl. I was positive I was having a boy last time.

    We are going to find out this time so will see...

  • I was convinced last time we were having a girl and had a boy, this time I've a feeling it'll be a girl and a boy is predicted. We won't be finding out again, I love the surprise x
  • I was predicted a girl last time and had a boy, am predicted a boy this time x
  • Mine says a girl. I think a boy. It's my first so I'm not bothered either way!

    Nic xx
  • says im having a girl but what if your having twins how does that work lol xx
  • Ooh Lisabbyuk, I didn't think of that and neither did they obviously!! Lol x
  • I'm apparently having a girl... hope so lol
  • Ooo, mine says boy but everyone thinks its a girl! Great idea to post this again when we've all delivered! Thank you
  • I am very inerested in the Chinese Gender Chart and I've found it very accurate, only if you apply lunar age and lunar month to the chart. If you don't know how to find them, you can use the western calendar conversion at
  • Mine says girl.... I REALLY hope it is.... image

    Either way, I just hope it's healthy

    CeeLou xx
  • G/C but predicted both times for me would be girls & both times correct. As mentioned above it is lunar charts being used so be careful you have right figures/dates.
  • Ooh yeah , I didn't notice that you had to work it out from your lunar age and not your real age. (am I right in thinking you're already aged 1 when you're born in the lunar age??)

    Anyways, that's thrown a cat amongst the pigeons cos it's now predicting a girl not a boy!! Aaaaaargh. :lol:
  • GIRL for me!!

    It predicted girl for me last time too and was right. I don't mind either way tho - 2 girls would be lovely but so would one of each image

    Can't wait to find out!!

    SF xxx
  • Hmmm... just did mine (on Kazzie's version) and it predicts a boy - However, it also said that my son should have been a girl image Both are right at the end of the gender phase and maybe cause I OV late I fall into the next bracket?

    We'll see... x
  • ok this predicts that..........

    my first was a boy, but she was a girl.

    my second should've been a girl but was a boy.

    my third should've been a girl and was also a boy.

    my fourth should've been a boy but was a girl.

    my fifth should've been a boy and yes he was a boy.

    and this time it should be a girl.

    1 out of 5 isnt too bad lol xx
  • Mine says girl...I think its a boy tho...can't remember what it said last time? How do you work out lunar months? Is it the month before solar?
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