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Hello DIA! May i join in?

Hello ladies, Im Lauren, 9+2. Im married to Mike, with 2 children, Isabel is 3, 4 in March and Oliver is 16 months, almost. We live in Germany, my hubby is in the Army, he's been here 8 years, i joined him in Jan 2009. I was on here in DIS 2010 and found it a huge support and am still in contact with alot of the ladies from the group. I would love the same to happen this time. Really looking forward to getting to know you all through this, and congratulations everyone! xx


  • OO the scan pic is from Oliver, we havnt had one with this one yet, shows the last time I updated this!
  • Hey Lauren, congratulations. I also used this site for DIO 2010 and am in constant touch with all the ladies from there. I hope we can do the same on this forum too. (In fact, I know there's 3 other ladies on this forum that used DIO too).

    My EDD isn't til 29th Aug, so I'm a couple of weeks behind you. I look forward to chatting with you some more over the next few months x
  • Hey Lauren,

    Congratulations and welcome image Everyone here is lovely and we are all excited to get to know one another image

    Wishing you a H&H 9 months

    CeeLou xx
  • Hi Lauren,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Really looking forward to getting to know you.

    Nic xx
  • Hello, look forward to getting to know you too and congratulations! Am a couple of days behind you x
  • Thanks for the replies girls, how are you all feeling? x
  • Bleurgh, bleurgh, bleurgh! Counting down til the next trimester and hoping it will ease off. But still excited! How about you?
  • Welcome and congratulations!
  • Hi Lauren,

    Welcome and congratulations!

    I used this site for DIN 2010, we all still chat daily, it's so nice to have the support xx
  • Hi girls. Yeh im ok, got my sickness bands on, scared to take them off so theyre only removed to shower! image They help more some days than others. Poor house is suffering though due to lack of motivation or energy and i hate it! so much needs doing but can i be bothered? xx
  • Exactly the same for me! Too scared to take mine off too and my house is very neglected! I had some more reflexology yesterday and it helped, still had a nice old appointment with my loo this morning but managed to make some toast AND a sandwich which I haven't done for weeks!
  • I havnt been too sick really, was horribly ill on xmas day, nothing stayed down, i think it was a bug but i dont know, was still very miserable, definately the worst xmas day ever image Strangely enough Im not as good with plain foods, plain crisps or chips or anything im better with richer stuff more filling, i do feel ill after but not as bad as if id just had a slice of bread or something. and when i do feel rotten pickled onions is the only thought i can stomach, same as with my daughter and didnt want them at all with my son so we shall see x
  • Hiya,

    Welcome hun, I was in DID 2009. Do the sickness bands work... I must try them
  • Hiya,

    Welcome hun, I was in DID 2009. Do the sickness bands work... I must try them

    Yeh they do, they definately take the edge off, somedays all together, others not so much but definately see a difference than with my other 2. I jsut wish there was an energy band! x
  • Hi Lauren and ladies!

    I jsed the skte in 2009 and was great help! When is everyone due?

    Im due 9th August but more likely to be end of July as I will be induced again

    How is everyone feeling? I felt crap but i really found that eating satsumas helped lol its the smell apparently. Total.y takes away the sicky feeling

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