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Feeling sorry for myself... :(

Morning ladies, just want to have a little moan since I can't talk to anyone else apart from hubby. I'm feeling so rough at the moment! I have a sinus infection which is killing me and have been taking paracetamol but it is hardly helping, I have also been using a face steamer. I really don't want to go on antibiotics. I'm also suffering from nausea ALL day long! I'm not actually being sick but I wish I was! I'm also soooo tired as my DS has been waking a few times in the night. I know I shouldn't complain because I desperately want to be pregnant but man I wish I could curl up and sleep for a week!

I called in sick yesterday but have to work tomorrow image

Anyway, two exciting things is that my DS started walking 3 days ago which has been exciting, and I have a scan tomorrow! Fingers crossed all is ok and I can see the gorgeous little culprit who us making me feel so rough.

Sorry for the moan. Anyone else feeling as rotten?

Jade 6+4


  • Awww poor you - hugs from me.

    Morning sickness hit me 3/4 days ago. It's really bad first thing and in the evening. I am ok as long as I have little bits to eat. I tried to be good and have fruit and salad to snack on but it doesn't help. Buttery marmite toast does. I am going to be a blimp at this rate.

    Great news on your son walking and good luck with the scan!

  • Bless you, doesnt ound nice at all with it all going on. Im suffering with nausea too but not being sick, i would be very sick but i fight it to the death! i know it does me no favours but i hate being sick so much! I have zero energy too, which sucks as my house is a tip and i just can not relax when its like this! x
  • you poor thing... The nausea is rotten - mine comes in waves and also, like Pozzee, swear by marmite on toast!

    I have used the accupressure bands for travel sickness from Boots and they are taking the edge off - have you tried them?

    I bet your DS is so cute walking around image

    Feel better soon

  • Aw thanks ladies. I feel stupid having a moan when so many other people would do anything to be pregnant and here I am whinging! I'm hoping it's a good thing and my little munchkin is growing well inside.

    Thankfully my DS had a 1.5hr nap after swimming today so I got some shut eye also.

    I haven't tried those bands, but ready to give anything a go. I haven't had my booking in yet, but thinking about asking my GP for a test on my iron levels as I have no energy and very sluggish. I was also very anemic after giving birth to my DS.

    NorNoruk1- I'm the same, I fight being sick although sometimes I think it might make me feel better.

    Thanks Ceelou, it's brilliant! He loves walking now and thinks he is such a big boy! It's really sweet as he runs to me with open arms and throws himself on me.

    Hope all you other ladies feel better soon. Bring on 2nd trimester!!!

    Off to bed now to watch one born every minute! X
  • Ooooh I had those bands last time and pretty sure they did help a bit...
  • I bought my bands out of desperation and 30 mins later felt less icky... Pop to Boots sweetie - it can't hurt image

    As for aneamia... another reason to try marmite (high in B vitamins) on toastimage

    Feel better x
  • Will be going straight to boots tomorrow. Also, I'm an Aussie so I'm a vegemite girl! But will be tucking into that from tomorrow also!

    Thanks so much x
  • Hi,

    Sorry to G/C but I had sinusitis at 26 weeks and the doctor I saw suggested using saline nasal was bloody marvellous and stopped the agonising, jaw falling off pain that was keeping me up all night within a few hours.

    Hope you feel better soon


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