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Scan on Saturday


I have booked a scan for Saturday - I will be 7+6 (according to my dates). Having had a MC in August i just couldn't wait for my 12 week scan to know if everything was ok - especially as he hospital have sent me a scan date when I will be 12+1 - so much for 10-12 weeks as the Dr promised!

Not sure what to expect in terms of what I will see - anyone had one at 7-8 weeks?

CeeLou xx


  • I had one today, Ceelou! I should be 8+3, but the scan dated me as 7+1. We saw a little blob, sort of baby-shaped (almost looked like it was wearing a nappy!) and had a flickering heartbeat. Was lovely! Good luck for yours xx
  • Hi ceelou..

    G/C from July... although i thankfully have ever had a m/c this is my first pregnancy and i have been a major worrier the whole way through..

    We booked a private scan for 23rd Dec where my dates worked out at 9 + 3 .. i knew i would be less than this though due to long cycles..

    I got dated as 8 + 5 and due 29th July and we got to see our tiny bean (2cm) flashing heart beat and wiggly little leg stumps.. we also got to hear the heart beat which was really surreal!! image

    I'm now desparately waiting for my 12wk scan letter to arrive.. (didnt tell midwife about private scan so according to her dates 12wks is next Tuesday!).. as i havent really stopped worrying..

    Good Luck for yours and keep us updated xx
  • Congrats to you too Windy.. missed ur post.. took me ages to type mine and work out all my dates!! :lol: xx
  • Good luck for Saturday, mine is sat 14th!

    I had a scan with my little boy at 7+5, he looked like a little prawn image

    There was a tiny white flickering which was his heart beating

    It's kind of a black sack you see with a greyish blob floating which will be your baby!

    Let us know how you get on xx
  • aww thanks guys - excited but terrified all rolled into one!

    Will let you know how it goes xx
  • Good luck for Saturday!! X
  • good luck with the scan. I had mine at 7 +2 and saw flickering heartbeat. there s not much to see as its the size of a baked bean but its so reassuring xxxx
  • Hiya C

    I'm apparently 6+6 and had the scan earlier today, all I saw was a sac with a small jellybean in it and a flickering heartbeat

  • We had our scan today. It was the most amazing experience - we got to see the tiny heart fluttering away image The sonographer was reall encouraging that the heart was strong and my dates tally image I am 7+6 today.

  • Ah that's great news, so pleased for you!

    Just amazing to see isn't it?

    Can't wait for mine next Saturday x
  • Aaaah that's lovely hun, I'm glad to got to see your bean. I bet you can't wait til the next scan xx
  • Fantastic news!! We had our early scan on Thursday and it really is amazing! How can something so small have a heart that beats?!?! Blows me away!

    So pleased it went well. How are you feeling now? X
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