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Early scan today...

Hi all,

I've had my early private scan today and I'm now a bit confused! We saw a beautiful little bean and a flickering heartbeat and it was amazing! But! I am supposed to be 8+3 and the scan dated me at 7+1. I thought I had ovulated later than I thought, so didn't think anything of it, but I'm starting to worry now. It does seem a big drop from 8+3 to 7+1. My EDD might now be 21st August, not 14th.

And just realised that might mean I have an extra week of feeling like crap, too!

Any thoughts, guys? xx


  • This happened to my sister at the same stage and got moved forward again at her 12 week scan.. try not to worry image

    Glad you got to see the heartbeat - amazing image

  • Thanks Ceelou! I'm hoping thats the case, every bean is different after all? xx
  • Awww windy glad it went well and you saw your lil bean, isn't it just amazing. I wouldn't worry they told me you can't date at 7 weeks anyway hence the 12 wk dating scan. Like ceelou said this nay well change. We not know us girls with pcos aren't straight forward!!!

    Did they tell you crown rump length of baby? What was the place in Newport like? I'm going next Tuesday can't wait! Did you have to pay extra for pics and DVD?
  • Hiya hun,

    Yes I had an early scan too today and was a whole week behind what I thought it was. I've had dates jump by a few days but I know what date the first day of my last period was and not the sonographer. I wouldn't worry too much because remember full-term in pregnancy ranges from 38-42 wks. However, I must admit I'm disappointed at the realisation that I've got yet another week to go .. it makes me feel like crying as I've felt so ill, but was reassuring to know that the baby is fine and there are no complications xx
  • Hello!

    I had that with my son. Its far more acurate at 12 weeks. But if u know ur dates and they are correct then go by them.....It really wont make much difference x
  • GC but just wanted to add I've had this with both my pregnancies and both times at the 12 week I've gone back roughly to what my original dates were so there really is no need to worry at all!! At such an early stage it is impossible to accurately date and its more of a guess based on CRL - and this measurement can jump so much even in 1 day you could have another scan today and you would have a different date!!

    Sorry for the waffle - but just wanted to reassure you both that everything sounds perfect and seeing the heartbeat is th biggest most important milestone!! Congrats everyone - enjoy very second because it will soon be over!!!
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