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Anyone else suffering constipation? :(

Hi Ladies,

I've had constipation for a whole wk and not been able to go to the loo image I'm sure it is making my bloatedness and nausea worse. Anybody else having extreme issues in this department and what plans have you got to try and shift it?

I am thinking about getting prune juice but the thought of drinking it makes me feel green in the gills image


  • Gatecrashing from the non existent due in Sep forum but have you tried lots of fruit, jacket potatoes (must eat the skin though) or fybrogel ? If not the gp can prescribe something.

    I got it terrible in my last 2 pregnancies, not too bad so far but I expect that to change.
  • Are you taking Santogen? When I was on that last time I was really constipated due to the iron in them, now I just take folic acid tablets. x
  • Yes, I have been suffering badly, and getting worse despite trying to control through diet!! I had to go to GP in the end, who has recommended Lactulose on prescription. She said this was ok, as it doesn't enter the bloodstream. It is beginning to help. She said not to take Movicol unless it really persisted and was really necessary.

  • I didn't do a poo for over a week over Christmas!! I started drinking plenty of orange huice, had weetabix in the morning and plenty of veg in my diet. I had a poo! But its still on and off constipation now. So disappointing!!
  • Hi,

    Yes. I'm still going most days but it's a struggle and it's very hard (sorry, tmi). I eat porridge every morning with lots of fruit.

    Nic xx
  • Having a few problems too. Although, I'm not surprised as I can't manage any veg or fruit and brown bread. It's all white food at the mo. But am managing cereal and loads of fluids! Oh the joys..
  • it's nice to know I'm not alone! I'm only on folic acid as those pregnancy vitamins make me even worst. Lambchop... you're not meant to eat potato skins when pg cos of toxiplasmosis... although I do love eating them.
  • You can eat potato skins as long as you scrub the dirt off first x
  • Potato skins are fine in pg, in fact my mw recommended them. You just have to scrub them well first.
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