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introducing me...............

hi ladies, first of all congrats to all of you on your little jelly beans.

i am not sure if there are any ladies in here which were also in due in april 2011 but if there are i am wondering if you may remember me!!!

hi i'm charlene, i am a 29 yr old, full time mum to my 4 beautiful children aged 11, 9, 4 and 22 months. i sadly gave birth to my 5th beautiful baby, xavier, in november 2010 at just 20 wks gestation, and he is now sleeping with the angels.

i have recenetly found out i am expecting my 6th and final baby, i am due on 11th august, but my last 2 live births were both at just 35 wks and docs have estimated approx. 34 wks for this one.

i have GBS, and i am rhesus negative, i am very knowledgable in both of these subjects should anyone have any questions i am happy to help where i can.

in my grand total of 7 pregnacies i have experienced being rh-, GBS, premature birth with 3 of them, low birth weight babies, jaundice, bleeding in pregnancy (and the pregnancy continuing), early miscarriage, late miscarriage (it shouldn't be classed as this), emergency caesarean, VBAC, quick births, cervical lengthening (i had CIN cells removed from my cervix twice in 2006), posterior labour, oblique lie baby, and i have sampled every type of pain relief on offer, although i delivered my last 2 babies with no pain relief whatsoever. i like to think that i can help others out with my life experiences, and that is why after i have completed my family i shall be going back to school to become a midwife.



  • Wow!!! That's a pretty impressive blog!! Really sorry to hear about Xavier. x. What is GBS and oblique lie baby? x x x x
  • Group b strep is a bacterial infection, it lives in approx. 40% of women but normally in the bowels but can move to the vagina, this can be passed to bubs as they are born and can cause serious illness. the nhs do not routinely test for this, u can request the test at ur own cost. the main treatment is prevention of it being passed on to bubs via iv antibiotics during labour and the birth. some babies may still need antibiotics after the birth to make extra sure.

    And oblique lie is where the baby positions themselves with its head on one hip bone and shoulder on the other thus preventing the head from engaging. some babies move themselves others like me little boy refuse and then panic which is the cause of my c section xxx
  • welcome chalm, sorry to hear about xavier and hope that this pregnancy is a happy and healthy one xx
  • Gosh!! Thank you! Always good to know! Yep agree with Smoochiegal think you deserve a nice easy pregnancy this time!! x
  • Hi charlm, congrats and nice to "meet" you -

    I think you should write a book!

    I'm also Rhesus Neg - we're blood group buddies :lol:

    I had a C sec with my 1st pregnancy cos LO was breach and we tried that ECV thing but it didn't work.

    I know nothing about Strep B so your info was an interesting read.

    I look forward to you annoying you with loads of questions image

    KM x
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