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nervous to join you

Hi ladies

I found out I was pg at 5 weeks. 2 positive tests to confirm.

I'm very nervous about this pregnancy as it doesn't seem like my last.

I did a cbd yesterday (6 weeks) and it said 2-3 weeks meaning 4-5 weeks. Does this mean there is something wrong? Surely at 6 weeks (or even 5 + days) I should show 3+?? My mind is no longer put at rest! Which I didn't test now.

Iv had period type pain, as well as little bits of brown discharge when I wipe. Iv currently got bad backache.

I'm worried its all bad news. :?


  • Hiya hun,

    lots of the CB tests are wrong when it comes to conception. I should be 8wks but had an early scan last wk cos I've been so ill and it said I'm 7wks. Don't forget you get period pains when the baby is implanting in the womb. I and many other women in here have had the same aches around 5-6wks. With regards to the dark discharge, many people even spot (have a bit of blood during implantation). I bled twice in the first 9 wks with my last DS. Yet I didn't have sickness or craving or anything, however in this pg I feel sick as a dog from morning until night and am often knakered by midday.

    Please don't worry too much. The bleed that they say to worry about is when it is bright red blood and is heavy, or if you get clots come out. I know it is really scarey to see the discharge but remember each pregnancy is different. As I'm still a little worried about my last pg and the bleeding I've closed all nookie down for my hubby until after my 12 wk scan... poor him, I feel soo ill I couldn't be bothered with any of that jazz anyway at the mo LOL.

    I hate early pregnancy and can't wait until I'm past the 12wk mark. Will be thinking of you but sure all will be fine xx
  • Hi, I would echo what smoochiegal says. I had very few symptoms with my last pregnancy, no cramping or nausea and I lost that one. This pregnancy I've had cramping, sharp pains and back ache on and off since 4 weeks and we saw a heartbeat at 8weeks!

    But I've heard that every pregnancy is different, so we shouldn't compare (although we will!)

    Try (!!!) to relax and take it easy xxx
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