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BMI 30?

Hi all

I had my booking in appointment yesterday, which was fine - even the blood tests! We have our scan date for 2nd Feb at 12 weeks exactly, which we are very excited about! image

However, my body mass index came out as 30, and so I now have to take higher dose of folic acid/ vitamin D, have extra glucose blood tests at 20 weeks, an obstetrician appt and have been classed as a high medical risk. This really surprised me :? I am overweight, but I didn't think not excessively so, I usually wear size 14, but some clothes are getting tight now. I eat loads of fruit and veg, and go to the gym twice a week. The height measurement tool wasn't working, so had to guess / remember! I have tried the measurements the MW used, and more accurate ones in the NHS BMI calculator and they're coming out around 29 ('overweight') although may have been rounded up by he computer at the appt? (30 is cut off for 'obese').

Obviously, I will do whatever it takes for a healthy baby, but it did surprise and slightly upset me. Is anybody else in the same boat? Do I need to worry? Sorry for moaning!

LL x


  • Hi Looby

    With my first pregnancy I was put in the high risk group because I was termed obese. I am expecting the same this time, I have lost weight before getting pregnant but still overweight and a size 16-18 now. My midwife with the first pregnancy, who was overweight herself, said she was surprised I was obese and that she was doing a thesis on how BMI is innacurate. It doesn't take into account bone structure and different builds. I have wide hips, big boobs so even if I didn't eat I'd never be skinny.

    I wasn't referred to an obstetrician, and it sounds like a bit overkill to me when you are a size 14! Have you double checked your height? But, I would just go along with what they say, rather be in the system. I was told I couldn't have a water birth as they wouldn't be able to pull me out in an emergency. But that was at the booking in apt and never got told that again.
  • Thanks Tashua. Yes, I double checked my height, and it brought BMI down to 29.3 (I expected 28-29 from previous measures). I think I'm probably just on the border between the two categories (as well as very bloated and constipated at the mo - sorry for TMI!!). I will just go along with it for the best outcome. Thanks for your advice.

  • I have a bmi of over 30 and in my area are not classed as high risk nor has anyone mentioned extra monitoring or tests etc!! think it must depend on areas
  • I wouldn't worry too much about it... how tall are you? The thing is some ppl are built to be a size 8 healthily and others like myself are more voluptuous. I went down to a size 12 before my wedding last yr but now I'm a 16 but my weight is proportioned out because I have a huge bust. I guess I'm about 11.5-12 st at the moment. I'm on my 3rd pregnancy and my 1st baby was 9lb 3oz and born vaginally. I wouldn't worry about it, he was a chunk but was long and kept coming and coming. I don't know what your finances are like but have you considered doing Slimming World whilst preg, I'm going to start they have a special book for pregnant women. I lost 2 stone before the wedding and didn't get hungry and had a variety of food to eat xx
  • I was doing slimming world before I fell pregnant and found it so easy and lost 9 1/2 lbs in 6 weeks, wanted to carry on but with this morning sickness I can't. But I will restart it when I'm able to eat normally again. Had my booking in today and my BMI is a slight risk for blood clots but that was the only thing and haven't been referred on elsewhere. I think it's just down to each trust.
  • Thanks. I have done slimming world successfully in the past, and I still stick to many of the principles. Worth a try image

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