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Morning ladies, I hope everyone is feeling ok. image

I've just had my booking in appointment and have been told I've got to go for lots of extra appointments at the hospital image

1) Because last time I had a C sec and this time I want to try giving birth naturally.

2) Because my Mum is diabetic and I have to have the test for gestational diabetes


3) Because I'm Rhesus Neg and I'll have to have the anti D injection.

Has anyone had VBAC? I'd be interested to hear about it.

KM x


  • Aww sorry to hear that, I haven't had a VBAC but it is also a possibility for me this time. I'm going to try and have an elective c-section cos I had vaginal birth with my first and it's not something I'd like to experience again LOL.

    I had an appt at the hosp this morning cos my baby stopped growing at 32 wks so they've decided to give me more scans from 30 wks this time xx
  • Welcome to my world hun lol. i've been told today that the hospital are assembling a team to deal with me this time.

    You'll have an app at 29 wks for ur anti-d, they may even do the gtt test at same time.

    I've had a vbac and highly recommend trying for one providing the docs say its ok. I chose one because my youngest had not long turned 2 and i wouldnt have been able to pick him up. mine was a breeze 1hr 51mins and i was up having a shower etc half an hour after the birth xxx
  • Had my booking in today too. Have vbac appt and possible GTT at a later date too.

    Will have an appt for vbac around 25 weeks to discuss options and previous birth. The midwife really supported me and said that every decision was mine, no one can force me into anything and to do my research and say what I want. I was worried that I would be continually monitored in labour and wouldn't be able to move around but she said if I want to be monitored intermittently that was up to me and I should think about a water birth if I wanted. Feeling very positive about a vbac now.
  • least the extra scans will put yours and the doctor's minds at rest, that's gotta be a good thing right? I suppose I have to look at it that way too - everything they're doing is for mine and the babies best interest. It's not a huge deal I'm just being a moaner, lol.

    charlm.....yeah I had the Anti D with my first, I hope you're right and they do the GTT at the same time - it'd save me a trip to the hospital.

    I'm similar to you with hoping for a VBAC as my DS will be 22 months when this LO is due, I can't imagine trying to recover from a C sec with 2 bubbas under 2!

    Thanks for taking the time to replies girlies image
  • Vbac? Sorry for lack of knowledge

  • Sorry LoobyLu - it means vaginal birth after Cesaerean. image

    Tashua, what a coincidence - I wonder if we were having the conversation at the same time?? Lol.

    Ooh, I wanted a water birth with my first so I'd be totally up for trying that this time! Thanks for that bit of info, I'll mention it next time I speak to my MW. image

    KM x
  • Thanks. Just spotted the abbreviations post in chat room rules. Very useful for me as a newbie image
  • No experience but wanted to say hi! We were in DIO together!
  • No probs LoobyLu, there's bloody loads of them, I'm still learning them now. :lol:

    Hi Eliza, lovely to see you on here again!! How are you?

    Do u still go on the Facebook group? I haven't seen you on there for a while x
  • Koukla: I've been so sick with this new pregnancy...and busy with moving and working, I've only ventured onto my computer a couple times. I found it hard to keep up when FB stopped sending threads to my email account. I'm glad to see you here!
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