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anyone thought about names yet???

the title says it all really, i know its early days yet but with my first i already had a shortlist of both boys and girls names by the time i was this far gone lol.

i think i am going to struggle this time, i've already had to name 2 girls and 3 boys so names are running out, told hubby he can pick if its a boy and i get to pick if its a girl xx

got my middle names already tho lol


  • Have a few maybe's for a girl but will get my son to pick one out from a hat if we can't decide, he's 14 months so will be cute for him to pick the name!

    Don't have any boys names at all, really struggling, my sons name was the only boys name I liked.

  • I had a dream years ago that I had a girl and called her Daisie-Mae which I'd shorten probably to Demi. I've also thought of Caitlyn Piper and like Maisie, Vivianne and Willow.

    I'm guessing as I've got 2 boys that this bubba will make boy no. 3 though LOL. I like Zachariah, Stanley, My mum likes Tommy but I'm not really feeling it, n the boy next door has the same name. I also like: Albert/Bertie, Beau, Darcey, Lucas and Reggie.

    Argggggh decisions decisions LOL... what do u think of my ideas? xj
  • My oldest lad is zachary and my born asleep baby was xavier stanley. great minds think alike lol.

    I already have jordanna lily, zachary david, ryder anthony, skye florence and xavier stanley.

    For a boy i want either neil or andrew as middle name after my dad. and a girl i want evie-rose xx
  • Aww I was thinking Xavier as well... my hubby said no though!

    Evie-Rose is a beautiful name. xjx
  • GC from dis but I really like Hermione but I'm worried people will laugh at it because of the close association with Harry Potter films. I like Oscar for a boy.

    Some lovely names have been suggested on here image
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