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Off Food and General Update/chat

Hey - sorry I've not been around for a while, just trying to adjust to life and trying not to stress and worry before my 12 week scan 2 weeks today. Even though we had a scan at 8 weeks I am still worrying my head off!

Any way - onto my point... I am completely off food, I get hungry and feel the need to eat something but eat little before I am full and really don't enjoy it. Anyone else got this? Not really a major problem, just finding it a little odd!

Is anyone else finding it comfoting to see the DI September and now DI October forums go up? It makes me feel like I am into this journey and not just setting out - weird I know!

How is everyone doing?

CeeLou xx


  • Hiya

    Yes, I have that too. It is definitely improving, my sickness is easing off and I an eat veg again, although not green ones just yet! Weird! I get very hungry and then eat a small amount and full, also don't enjoy it. Although last week I had a couple of days of eating like a horse.

    Have my scan tomorrow, eek. Am also worrying my head off!
  • my scan is 2 wks on Fri image time has dragged its feet HUH. I'm still para about getting the period feeling. I want to eat things I can't like unpasturized cheese, love brie and camembert on toasted bagels. I find it also really annoying when I cook for ages and then lose my appetite or can only manage half, think I'll start eating smaller meals and more often. I really want to start Slimming World but just can't get in the zone at the mo.

    Tash you've gone off green veg and I have started hating the taste of cucumbers. I can't wait to stop those bloomin folic acid pills, maybe then the constipation will go. Good luck with your scan tmoro xj
  • Thanks Smoochie, FC all is ok. Have barely slept worrying and hubby is being an idiot at the mo! Grr. I have to confess I have eaten brie over Xmas, I did in my first pregnancy from time to time. Sometimes think we are over cautioned by the experts but that's just me.

    I am hoping to start SW again too, but need to feel hundred percent first. X
  • I think we are over cautious here as well over what we eat. My friend who is Chilean but who was living for years in Thailand was eating shellfish all the time and things they say u shouldn't here. So I guess thousands of other women do there as well and don't have major issues, because if a majority of the women did then they would stop eating those things. I bought a baked camembert for chrimbo was really looking forward to it but after my last lo stop growing at 32 wks I couldn't help but wonder if anything specific I did contributed towards it xj
  • gatecrahing for due in July, over Christmas I lost my appetite completely... but now I have found I have it back and im hungry more easily now!

    Dont worry you'll soon be eating everything in sight! lol image

    Dont worry about the brie... I had pate before I knew I was pregnant and all is fine so dont worry! My MW said the main concern is getting food posioning so if you have been fine afterwards I believe all will be fine so stop worrying an enjoy it! easier said then done I know!!! lol image

  • Yey... seen the first thread in DIO go up image can't believe it that ppl are posting due 2mths after us image xj
  • I am still having an awful time with food. All I can seem to eat is toast and potatoes. Sometimes I can have beans/cheese/salad with it, but yesterday it was just plain potatoes! And I'm 11+3!

    I think the food advice is something they have to do in our litigation culture to cover their backs. The only reason for not eating soft cheeses, eggs, pate etc is the risk of food poisoning from listeria and salmonella etc. Except liver pate- too much vit A, I think. I accidentally ate camembert at New Yr, it was breadcrumbed and I thought it was philadelphia, but no harm done!

    My recent ailment (I'm usually very healthy, so struggling with this situation) is erythema nodosum. I had a bad cold just over a week ago and its apparently a skin inflammation sparked off by a reaction to the virus. Painful red, hot lumps all over my legs. I think its what is making me feel particularly crappy at the mo too.

    I'm just hoping this bit eases and I get to enjoy the pregnancy that we've waited so long for and went through so much to achieve image
  • Windy you poor thing! Is anything helping it? Ice cubes in a tea towel? Peppermint foot lotion? It sounds so uncomfortable!

    I am home from work at the moment, just wretching my head off this morning. So far my sickness has just been a queasiness but not today! I was drying my hair when the hot sweat crept up on me. Hoping it passes so I can head into the office as apart for that I feel ok.

    Potatoes and toast are my staples too, I managed cottage pie yesterday - maybe that is why I am heaving!

    I also can't wait to start 'enjoying' this pregnancy - so far it's been pretty miserable!

  • I thought we were supposed to start feeling better by now- are you about the same stage as me? I have only had nausea so far, but last few days I've been feeling so close to puking I've carried bowls with me or sat next to the toilet. How glamourous is my life right now?!?

    Been sent home from work and the Dr is putting me on penicillin in case I have streptococcus & they are re-doing my bloods next week. They've also sent it away to check for zoonotic diseases because of my job. I really hope I havn't put my baby at risk because of my job. :cry:
  • Hey Windy, it sounds like we are having a really similar start to our pregnancies! I just can't seem to relaz and enjoy any of it. Even though we had a scan at 8 weeks I still worry when we go for the 12 week scan on 06/02 something will be wrong... so much for the relaxed mummy I planned to be!

    I hope your blood work comes back ok - I am sure they are just being cautious with you because of your job. Let me know how you get on.

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