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Catch up

Hi ladies, sorry I havent been on here much.

Apart from working and juggling a toddler, we have had a bout of novovirus through the family. I think my DS picked it up from nursery last week and was very poorly with it before speading it to the inlaws then hubby and I.

My MS has been so bad and I am totally off food at the moment. Between that and the tummy bug I have actually lost a lot of weight.

I had a scan last week at 8+5 and all was good. And I finally have my appointment for booking in and scan on the 13th of Feb when I will be 12+1. Cant wait!

Anyway, I hope everyone is well and feeling amazing with no MS! wishful thinking hey....


  • You poor thing!!! I hope you are all feeling better now?
  • Thanks Ceelou. DS finally started eating again today thankfully and I'm still very nauseous but not sure if it's back to being MS and the fact I have hardly eaten for days.

    Getting there slowly though.

    How are you? X
  • What a nightmare for you all - just make sure you take care of yourself... Not sure how you feel about Marmite, but I always find when I can't face food at all a little wholemeal toast with butter and Marmite just about goes in.

    You will need to build your strength up again slowly and little bump will be stealing everything it can from you!

    I'm ok, super tired today, I think I was a little too energetic yesterday so I am hanging out in bed already which I must say is rather fab!

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