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Weight Gain

Is anyone else starting to look a little podgey/pregnant?

I have a massive fear of weight gain and although I am mentally training myself to deal with the bump the added weight gain (bum, arms etc) is starting to freak me out. So far it is mainly all tummy but just the thought of filling out is making me feel sick...

Anyone else feeling the same or just freaky ol' me?

CeeLou xx


  • Not exactly in the same boat as you, as I'm a chunkster already! (I have a "feeder" for a husband-put on 2 stone the first 2 years we were together. Although we cook separately now, so I've stopped piling on the pounds)

    But I'm quite confused about my "bump". I'm 11+4 and this is our first baby to make it past 10 weeks, so I don't think I should be showing, but my belly is massive. I havn't put any weight on, but its definitely a lot bigger. I don't know if its bloat, or slackening muscles?

    Perhaps this panic is just normal fears for pregnancy and being a new mum, but exhibiting itself in something you are familiar with? I'm starting to worry a lot more about pregnancy and being a new mum in general now, as I was so convinced I'd take all this in my stride, have a relaxed pregnancy and be a relaxed mum with a calm baby. But it doesn't seem to be panning out that way. I feel really disappointed that I still can't be excited or enjoy my pregnancy because I feel so crappy and still half expect it to be over soon :cry:

    I seem to be waffling again, so I'll stop now!! I hope you learn to love your new curves- its just your body trying to look after you baby xx
  • Hey Windy - I am 10 and 4 and have started to be less 'podgey' on my tum, but still can't really wear my regular clothes without a wasitband extender, which is just ridiculous this early on! I am 5'9 and normally a size 8-10, I bought a pair of size 12 trousers thinking they would be a good halfway house to mat clothing but they just look ridiculous on me - so big in the legs.

    I do think you may be right though that my pregnancy/mummy fears are manifesting in a more familiar fear. I swear if anyone telsl me how lovely it is to be pregnant I will swing for them! I am not enjoying this at all at the moment, yet I am desperate too as the MC was so hard and painful I feel like should be on cloud 9.

    Hopfeully we will be the relaxe, uber cool, yummy mummies in a few weeks!image

  • well my belly was so bloated from when i found out at 5.5 weeks until about 11 weeks. Since then ive felt less bloated (and constipated!!) and was brave enough to weigh myself yesterday and have actually lost 3 pounds since xmas. This must be due to no wine and being off chocolate and sweets since being PG.

    My belly however is slowly starting to look like a baby bump.. instead of just like id eaten 3 KFC family feast buckets!
  • My boobs have got bigger and I feel like my belly is massive. I'm really excited about it though, I've always struggled with weight gain and whenever I see my belly it makes me smile. I rarely weigh myself so I don't know if I've put any on yet. It's also reassuring as I don't have many symptoms and apart from extreme tiredness, my belly makes me feel like I really might be pregnant (the numerous tests just aren't doing it for me). My scan is a week today and I just desperately want to know everything is ok and this isn't just all in my head.

    Ceelou and Windy, I hopw you both feel better soon. Flamingobaby, woohoo to the disappearance of constipation!

    Nic xx
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