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Nuchal Scan/ Combined test - anybody having or had before?

I had this test done without really thinking and have now had results which came back as high risk so starting to stress out!

only 1/2 % chance my baby could have an abnormailty but that 1/2 seems huge right now. :?


  • Hi hun, I had the screening done with my DS and it was low risk so have no understanding of high risk but didn't want to read and run. I can understand that this must be very scary and worrying and I hope your midwife/hospital is giving you lots of info. It's still a very low % so try and not worry yourself too much. Easier said than done obviously.

    Do you have an appointment to go back?

    The main thing is to not stress yourself out too much as baby needs you to be strong.

  • Hi Flamingo. Sorry I'm G/C from DIJul. Did they give you figures like 1 in something? Mine came back as 1in 650 and although they classed this as low I too have been super stressed. As Oscarsmummy says the best thing is to try and relax. Go and speak with your midwife and take comfort in knowing that nearly all those people who come back as high risk go on to have babies with no problems whatsoever. The test factors in many things such as age, weight and fold measurement. I have also read that the closer to 13 weeks 6 days you get, which is the cut off for combined test that fold gets slightly thicker and then then begins to drain away at 14 weeks which is why the test is time limited. please try not to worry. I am sure that everything will be just fine. Will be thinking of you. K xx
  • Good advice from helenlouise. I hope you get some good news, but 1-2% is low risk, surely? (I wonder why it means high). Don't think I'm going to have the test xx
  • Hello.

    The tests that you refer to are screening tests, so they do not diagnose a condition, they simply highlight a potential higher risk of a certain conditions.

    You should have been given a booklet explaining the types are antenatal tests available!?

    Depending on how you have been dated, you may be offered a diagnostic test, such as CVS which is Chorion Villas Sampling, think this is before 12 weeks ( or 15 I can't recall) this is where they take a sample of the cells that are the placenta, or if you are later on they can do an amnio centisis where they take a sample of the fluid from around your baby. Both these contain cells which are the same as the make up of the baby and they will diagnose a condition.

    Unfortunately there is approximately a 1-2% risk of miscarriage which is why these are not offered routinely.

    You should be able to speak with a Midwife about the results and your choices.

    Sorry you are going through this worry, I hope everything is ok. NB many women go on to have healthy babies despite a high risk indicator.
  • Thanks for the nice comments.

    Yes i am a terrible worrier and when i got the phonecall to say i was "high risk" i instantly thought the worse and am ashamed to say i even took down my scan pic from the wall as felt too sad to look at it. :cry: I also cancelled lunch with friends as couldnt bear to talk about being pregnant and pretend everything was fine when i was worried sick.

    I met with senior midwife on tues and discussed options and had the CV yesterday.. with a great Dr with 0% miscarriage rate from doing proceedure so felt secure in that everything would be fine. It was abit painful but over so fast. Sadly Dr called today to say the fibres they got cannot be read by the lab! so now im stuck waiting until 15 weeks for the amnio centisis at 15 weeks.

    To be honest since i got call this morning saying they cannot grow the fibres ive decided to really really try and be positive..the risk factor i got was 1:75 so thats 98.5 % my baby is completely fine. Need to concentrate on that and not think the worst.

    Scan pic is back up image and just trying to pretend the last few days didnt happen. Never could have imagined id get quite this stressed during pregnancy.. need to be happy and strong for my baby who is most probably completely fine!

    They showed me the Nuchal test results and my results dont seem to far off the norm. the only thing that skewed it from what i can see what the measurement 3.0mm. im 30, they said my weight was a factor... i guess am quite heavy for my height (5ft7) 11st 5 but am a small size 12 so cant see how that affects the test?!
  • Glad to hear you've had the support of your medical team, fingers crossed for the 15 week test. It's only natural to worry.Good luck.x
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