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Sorry this is a tmi question but I am nearly 9 weeks and for the last few days I have been getting an increased amount of discharge. It's mostly white/ cream in colour. It doesn't have a foul smell to it and I don't itch so I'm pretty sure its not an infection. Does anyone know if this is normal? Has anyone else had this at around this stage in pregnancy?


  • Hi,

    I've had the same since about 9 weeks, only once every few days or so. Quite copious amounts, so it feels like I'm bleeding, but its just discharge. I figure there's a lot going on up there, so likely to be normal. I hope!
  • I don't know if it's peculiar to your stage but I have millions of the stuff image I have done since I got my BFP. I just assumed increased cervical discharge was another symptom of pregnancy! I'm sure it's normal.

    Nic xx
  • Me too from BFP and seems to get more or change a little almost weekly!
  • Thanks so much for your replies. They have really put my mind at rest! image
  • Gatecrashing, but it is totally normal. All the books tell you that you'll have an increase. Hope that reassures you!
  • Totally normal! It can be a yellow greeny colour too and its still fine. I had a panic but my midwife sad unless it was a really green colour or smelled then not to worry xx
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