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Bump at 9 weeks??


I'm only just coming up to 9 weeks but I have a definite bump. My last AF was on the 26th November so at most I will be 9.5 weeks if they did get my dates wrong. I weighed myself the other day and I have already put on 4 to 5 pounds! Is this normal? I have been making an effort to eat properly and allow myself the odd snack like a couple of biccies if I feel peckish and always have a proper breakfast and I don't seem to have put weight on anywhere else. I don't think it's not icicle to anyone else but I can definitely tell. Do you think this is to do with my pregnancy? I am very small normally. I vary between a 6 and an 8 so maybe that's why I might be able to tell a difference already?

Anyone else notice this early?


  • I had a bump at 8 weeks. Its mostly bloating and fluid, it went away at about 14 weeks and then my proper bump came in at 18 weeks!! xx
  • G/C but it will vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. DD1 was long & had lots of blood & fluids cushioning her so my 'bump' started forming from 6weeks into term.

    DD2 was more compact with less fluids so I didn't get a 'telling bump' until 13weeks into term. imageimage
  • Hiya,

    G/C too, I started showing early, I had a bump at around 10 weeks, im now in my 15th week (14 weeks 3 days) and have a bump for sure. I went to an arobic class for pregnant ladies this week and some ladies who were at my stage had no bump at all, others had bumps... it just depends on the indiviual I guess.

    Dont worry and enjoy it!

  • Apparently they say it's normal to put on around 5lbs within the first 12 weeks- although everyone is different.

    You are very slim naturally, so any changes will probabily be more noticeable. I am lighter this time than I was with my son and I would say I am definately showing/ changing, I don;t know if it's because I'm lighter, or if it's because this is not my first pregnancy.

    All bumps are so individual x
  • I'm 11 weeks and I definitely have a bump! I'm petite too, so I think this is why it's so noticeable. My husband says it's not noticeable but it absolutely is to me! I've not weighed myself so I'm not sure if I've put on weight yet.

    Nic xx
  • I started showing early and now at 12 wks my bump is a very well defined baby bump x
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