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Hello I'm new

Hello ladies, I too have been loitering for the past week. Again not wanting to tempt fate.

I have a 2 year and 9 month old boy. We had a missed miscarriage in December 2010- hence my reluctance to get too excited.

Anyway we had our 12 week scan today, to be told we are 12 weeks and 4 days, baby due on 6th August. So fingers crossed.

Looking forward to taking this journey together & finally being able to put my maternity pants on. I've already had to move to my size 12 pants and they are a bit of a squeeze now too.

I am also a trainee antenatal educator with the NCT, hoping to lead my first set of classes in June- Gulp.


  • Hello and welcome! Good to hear your scan went well! And what a nice job to do. X
  • Hello,

    im due 3rd August but for some weird reason i have this funny feeling that baby will be born in the 6th.
  • Welcome and congratulations image May have to pick your brains about NCT classes as we are thinking of doing them image
  • Welcome Emmarose! I can't believe how brave you 2nd or 3rd time mums are. I just can't see myself doing this again any time soon, let alone with other small people to look after! x
  • Aw Windy, you are having a rough old time! Any blood results back? Really hope you start feeling better soon. With regards to doing the whole pregnancy thing again, Mother Nature is very sneaky and makes you forget how awful it is! Oh, and of course your child makes it all worth it, I promise! X
  • Hs ha ha, it's hard work but definately worth it. Thank you for welcoming me ladies, looking forward to everything x

    Feel free to pick my brains I will help where possible. If your house hold incime is less that 26k you may qualify for partial funding of the classes, it's also worth while enquiring and booking onto classed early, as they can only be run if there is enough interest and some classes do tend to book up quickly.

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