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Anyone got any inklings what gender their bump may be?

I think mine is a pink bump - but that may be wishful thinking image

I Just can't get any boys names to stick, or anything to do with a baby biy... Probably just me being a little nuts, but I thought it might be fun to see what we think they may be image

CeeLou x


  • I've got no idea, although with my son i never felt sick, whereas this time I do!? so who knows.

    We decided not to find out sex, as there aren't many nice suprizes in life.

  • Ooo EmmaRose - I am not sure I could be that patient, the thought of waiting another 9 week to find out is killing me!

    I also need to pick my battles with hubby, I love a girls name that he hates, so if it is a pink bump I can start working on himimage

    Did you find out the sex with you DS?

  • For some reason I'm convinced I'm having a girl but would be happy with either. We've had real problems thinking of names so have decided to leave it until after we find out the sex at our second scan!
  • I'm not sure at all! With my dd I knew she was a girl from the start! My mind changes all the time with this one. We're not finding out so have a long wait. Don't mind either way though.
  • I think boy and hubby thinks girl! But he's coming up with all boys names and I'm coming up with all girls names- whats that about!! x
  • Whenever i thought about having children and whilst trying i thought id ideally like to have a girl.

    Since finding out im pregnant ive just felt its a boy... i even know what im going to call "him" and havent really thought about girls names. Weird. If i find out at 20 week scan its a girl i will owe her an apology... and find her a nice name! image xx
  • I have it in my head that it's definitely a boy. No idea why! My husband wants to find out, whereas I'm not so keen. We'll see!

    Nic xx
  • We found out with our son. I was glad we found out, because whenever I had looked at baby clothes it was always pink stuff, I'd never given boys much thought. So when we found out he was a boy I was really suprized and initially worried how I would related to him, but it's been so much fun. After our loss I just don't care what this baby is, as long as it is healthy. My husband's not sure he will last 40 weeks to find out the sex, but I would like to experience the suprize of what is it!!!! That said who know's. xxx
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