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Getting rather anxious

Hi Ladies,

I'm doing the thing i promised myself i wouldn't do with the pregnancy and getting really stressed and paranoid. My scan is not until 15th Feb which just seems an eternity away and i will be 13+2 (i'm now 11+3)which seems so late to me. When pg last time i'd already had a few scans and heard a HB at 6 and then 8 weeks due to previous problems so this long wait is driving me mad. Plus, i have seen a few sad stories on here about MMC and am started to really stress about going to the scan and nothing being there image. I know that i have a big bump and that there is no reason to think anything is wrong just paranoia which is driving me mad! Symptoms have quitened down which doesn't help but i know that this is fairly normal when you get to the end of the 1st trimester.

Any ideas what i can do to put my mind at reast? I have a doppler but not got it out as again promised myself i wouldn't this time - do you think that will just make me stress more when it doesn't work...? Oh, i hate being irrational!!!

thanks ladies x


  • Aw I know how you feel, I can worry for England. Try to remember worrying won't help and you have to try and be positive. I had a MMC 18 moonths ago so when I found I was pregnant in December (I am now 13 weeks) I was worrying like mad convinvced it would happen again. I think when you go on sites like these they are great but they are also full of miscarriage stories so its easier to think the worst. Just think about the people you know who have had healthy pregnancies and you will find that these far out weigh the people you know who have had miscarriages. I know its hard not to worry but try to be as positive as you can and keep yourself busy until your scan. good luck xxx

    hope Ive been of some use x
  • I felt the same before mine, my symptoms had died down. All was well, just be positive, like Poppy says, worrying wont help although it is hard not to! X
  • Hello, it's easy to say try not to worry, but worrying is normal.

    on't get the dommpler out before 14 weeks, as the likilyhood is you won't hear anything and just worry yourself more.

    I too had a miscarriage in December 2010 so I do understand the worries.

    I was petrified of the '12 week scan'. but touchwood everything was as it should be.

    My symptoms also eased from about 10 weeks which also worried me, the midwife simply reassured me, stating that there had been no bleeding etc.

    With a second or more pregnancies you get less appointments than you do first time round, particularly if there is nothing to suggest there is anything unusual about the pregnancy.

    Sadly early miscarriage before 12 weeks is a fairly common occurence affecting 1 in 4 pregnancies, but many women never suffer this attrocity and women who do go on to have normal pregnancies.

    Like the other lady said think of all the healthy babies and pregnancies you have known of.

    If it's really getting you down, I would try and speak with your midwife or GP and explain how you feel.

    Also many women who do experience bleeding go on to continue with a normal pregnancy so bleeding is not always as bad as it might first seem.

    Sorry to waffle on, I hope it didn't make you feel worse.

  • I'm beginning to wonder if anxiety is actually a symptom of pregnancy! Any ache, twinge, niggle, good day, bad day just sends us all into hyperventilation!

    I think the honest answer is that there is no way to stop worrying, it's about finding distractions from it. For me, work is my 'safe place' when I am there I am focused and 'me' when I get home I am a mess, but I am almost allowing myself to be in a pickle as it seems to make me better for longer next time - does that make sense?

    A little wallow never hurts.

    Feel better soon essexmummy xx
  • I totally agree, I think pregnancy sets you off on lifelong worry about your children *lol*.
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