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Facebook group ?

Hi mummies,

Sorry I don't get on here very much but was wondering if anyone would join a private due in August group on fb. My last baby expert group had one and it's still going strong. It would be nice to get to know all of you mummies too image

Also does anyone live in Kent/south east London per chance?

Hope everyone is doing well image



  • Hello it seems that there is another facebook thread and we're trying to sort it out. Hope this is of help. x
  • Thanks Emma. I'm still waiting to be added. Are you on it?
  • i havent been added either yet.. there is a due in aug group i can see on facebook but from what i can see its american!?

    Should we set up another one until we hear back from Smoochiel?

    I can do it i think ( if i can remember how to set up a group!)
  • Hi, that would be brilliant as I struggle to get on here so much. Let me know how you go and what it's called.

    I hope all is ok with smoochiel as she hasn't been on for ages!

  • I also haven't been added yet. x
  • Ok if you can message me your names ill try and find you on facebook and add you!

    Yes i hope shes ok too xx
  • I've sent you my details, thank you x

    Yes I haven't seen any posts from her for ages, hope everything is ok
  • Iv jus sent you my details also, thank you very much. X
  • sarahljx, there are a few ladies with the same name as you on fb, is your profile pic your scan picture?

    I send you a friend request and then add you to the group flamingobaby has set up x
  • i have pm'd smoochie to check on her but she hasn't replied, i am starting to feel a tad concerned as she was going through a lot the last time she was on, i hope she is ok, gutted that i didnt have a chance to add her on fb befoe she disappeared so i could get in touch with her on there xx
  • Yeah i hope shes ok. xx
  • Thank you I would have set it up but haven't been able to get online. I am a member of the American one but there are so many people in there it's hard to keep track of who is who. I'm Sarah Jenner and my profile pic is of my little girl wearing fairy wings and tutu image
  • I've sent you a friend request Sarah x
  • How do add a profile picture on here?
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