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Anyone in London

Just wondering...

CeeLou xx


  • I'm in bronley just out of lOndon
  • Yes, i'm in Shoreditch. x
  • Hi Babyboca - I'm in Islington - we are kinda nearby - which hospital are you going to?

    CeeLou x
  • Hi Ceelou, i'm booked at The Royal London and so far so good. The new hospital has just opened and is fab! How about you? x
  • We are booked into UCH - so far the service/experience has been brilliant! have you been to the new Westfield at Stratford yet? They have tons of baby/kids clothes shops and a reasonable Mamas and Papas?

  • Hi Ceelou, yes we went a few weeks ago, but mid Saturday afternoon and it was way too busy for me so just had a quick look at a few shops. Will definitely be going back there but when it's less busy. Glad UCH is serving you well so far. I've got my 20 week scan next week. Have you had yours yet? Exited, but also anxious until I know that everything is ok!x
  • I can see Westfield being an 'outing' when I am on mat leave and going crazy at home! Who knows we may bump into one another in Mama's and Papa's!

    My 20 week scan is 2nd April, although it will be my 4th scan! We paid for an 8 week scan due to an MC in the summer, I then had my scheduled 12 weeks and another at 16 weeks with the fetal medicine team who are monitoring me for pre-term labour (so far all is looking great!)

    We are lucky enough to know the gender (we were desperate to know!) and have seen our little bear (looked like a gummy bear on the first scan and the name stuck!) 3 times that I feel like we know him already!

    Fingers crossed for your 20 week scan - let me know how you get on image

  • Hi Ceelou

    Yes, will definitely go back to Westfield but like you say, weekday during mat leave probably best bet! See you there!

    We had an impromtou scan last week when seeing the Dr for a routine appointment and he thought the baby was a girl! 20 week scan this's still a girl! So hopefully will be a girl as quite attached to that idea now! This is our 4th scan as had ivf so had a 6, 8 and 12 week scan. I did feel a bit anxious before this scan, but once in there relaxed a bit and the detail that you can see is amazing! We had a really good look at baby's face, fingers, toes and all major bits and bobs. Not long to wait for yours now - wishing you all the best with it, sure it will be fine. Keep in touch and let me know how you get on with yours. x
  • Awww congrats on a girl! That's sooo exciting!

    My scan is a week tomorrow, hoping everything is good as I am getting super excited for it all n ow image

  • Woohoo! A girl. Exciting. Can't wait for my scan image

  • I'm sure your scan will be fine! Not long to wait now. Are you going to find out the sex of the baby? x
  • Let us know how you get on! Very exciting time, isn't it? x
  • We'd like to find out to help us prepare xxx All of the ladies in the due in July / Aug / Sept group on Facebook who have had 20 week scans are having girls so far!

    Lu xxx
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