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can i join you?

hi girls,

i have been lurking for a while. im 16 weeks pregnant with my 5th baby. i have 4 boys already! i have been reading though all the posts. hope your all feeling ok. is there a facebook group at all



  • Welcome! 5th baby! Whoah! I'm on my 1st and I'm 33, so don't think I'll manage 5! There is a facebook group, but there's a few of us stragglers who have stayed on here and don't do facebook xxx
  • congratulations on your first baby! have you got your 20 week scan booked yet? how have you been feeling? x
  • Welcome nattiem image I'm 17 weeks with my first, and I'm 34, so similar to Windy. I always check this forum cos it's lovely on here, esp this group, any birth announcements and pg announcements!

    I'm also in the Facebook group, which is very busy! Send a pm to Kelly (excited for two) with your details and she will add you as a friend and invite you to the group. It's private so no one else can see your posts.

    Lu x
  • Hi - welcome!

    I'm the other non-faceboker with Windy! It's kinda quiet here which is a shame but you are welcome all the same image

    I can't believe you are on number 5! Wow! I'm 33 and on my first and certainly won't be making it past 2 if we even get that far!

    CeeLou xx
  • 20 week scan all booked! Have that coming up in 2 weeks, 4 days!!! So excited and apart from having had a cold again (2nd in 3 months) I feel great.

  • Hello and welcome! I too am not a facebooker! It has been quiet on here and Im not on it that much. I can top the lot of you Im 38 in 2 weeks and on my first so doubt I'll get to baby no 2 never mind 5 ha ha . Im so happy and feel lucky to be pregnant with 1 so not complaining! Ive got my 20 week scan on March 22nd. good luck with yours Windy x
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