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How is everyone feeling?

Hi all

I hope you are all well. I'm feeling quite strange at the moment - like there's a lull in the middle of my pregnancy. Having felt quite sick, I now feel fine. My aches have gone. Most people know now, so less fuss, and the forum has gone quiet! My DH says I should enjoy it whilst I can, and I should feel well, but I find I'm wishing my life away waiting for my 20 week scan on 2nd April. does anyone else feel like this? I 'm sure pregnancy is designed to make you worry, ready for parenthood!




  • I know exactly how you feel! I am enjoying feeling better (although I feel rubbish again today, just hoping its not the erythema thing returning). But it just feels like I'm in limbo. I'm not quite big enough to look and feel really pregnant (just fat, especially in my work clothes!) and I havn't felt baby move, or heard a heartbeat.

    I often feel like I'm just wishing away the next few months. I just hope I'm not setting myself up for a fall and I can enjoy the last few months and don't end up swollen and incapacitated like people keep telling me I will!!!

    I'm trying to exercise more now that I have a teeny bit more energy and feel better, so that, hopefully I will stay active throughout. Roll on 28th March!!

  • I feel the same, I have a different worry every few days ha ha today I weighed myself and only put 5 pound on so worrying about that ha ha Despiete that I look very fat and got nothing to wear. Ive got my scan next Thurs so can't wait for that to reassure me that there is still ababy in there.

    Windy Ive felt no movement either, but I think thats normal for your first baby.

    Wishing you both a worry free weekend xxxx
  • I'm not sure of I've felt movement or not! I think it's mostly just trapped wind. Occasionally I feel something but not sure!

    Lu x
  • Hey image

    Glad to hear everyone is ok. I am definitely feeling 'flutterings' which are getting more regular so I am assuming they are movements - weird but so exciting!

    Physically I am doing great, more energy etc but had some wobbles mentally - just the impending change in my life, having to take time out from a job I love, world turned upside down, travel on hold etc (I know it sounds so selfish but it's been driving me nuts). Things are better today - long chat with hubby, weekend away and starting a little diary/journal have helped!

    Today we went to Mamas and Papas and put the deposit down on our travel system! Arrggghhhh! This certainly feels real now!

    How are you guys? Started shopping yet?

  • Hi Ladies, it is very quiet on here! Looks like most people are just using the fb group.

    I'm tired still, wondering if I will ever have some energy. I think you have the right idea about excercising Windy! I am feeling lots of movement and kicks, it wakes me up at night. Felt it on my hand the other night so hoping not long til my hubby can feel them. Think I'm a few weeks ahead of most of you though and also second pregnancy.

    Have not bought a single thing yet, not that we need too much. By this stage last time I was already bugging my hubby about decorating the nursery! That sounds like I'm not excited, I am but just a lot more laid back this time.

    Anyone thought of names yet? We are stuck! We only ever agreed on one male and female name last time, goodness knows what will happen this time. I love Lyra for a girl, hubby has vetoed it. We have both said we sort of like Daniel for a boy but I'm not convinced. Hubbys pushing for John after his Dad for a boy... I've vetoed that.

  • We have a few ideas for names, but not sure yet. I can't wait to feel the baby kick properly - exciting! image


  • I'm pretty sure I can feel the fluttering now. I wasn't convinced before, as I have a very active digestive system and just thought it was wind! But its much more frequent than my indigestion normally is and its in the same place as the strange "something" I can feel, or rather, kind of "void" (but not in a bad way!).

    We're having a similar quandry about baby names, but my hubby's grandfather passed away, so we'll be naming a boy after him. Girls name is still up for grabs!

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