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Finally seen my baby again!

Had my 20 week scan yesterday and it was amazing! We had a really wriggly, sommersaulting baby and the sonographer kept wobbling my belly to make it move its hand out of the way of its heart.

Everything was fine and we are still team yellow! Turns out you have to actually book another scan and pay ??50 for that scan, not pay ??50 for the sonographer just to tell you what they already know!!

Hope everyones doing well?? xxx


  • Awww, so pleased for you! The 20 week scan is a bit nerve racking if I recal as they seem to take it very seriously and are very quiet when taking al the measurements etc so its good that all is well and you are half way there now! Can't believe they wouldn't tell you what colour you are having, i haven't heard of that before and even more that they wanted to charge you for the privilige - seems bit of a cheek! Oh well, i guess you will have a nice surpirse.

    congrats image
  • That's fantastic Windy xx Our scan is on Tues. I hope we can find out the colour. I've never heard that either!

    Lu image
  • Duplicate post :roll: sorry xx
  • Windy thats great glad everything went well! Yellow is good it will be a nice surprise and the suspense will get us through the labour ha ha xxxx
  • eeek that's so exciting Windy - glad everything is ok image

    Mine is Monday and looking forward to it -it feels like a massive milestone...

  • That's brilliant news, Windy! Chuffed for you. We had ours on Friday, bang on 20 weeks! All good with us too and stayed team yellow.

    Nic xx
  • Yey! Good to hear all is well. We're team yellow too. Any inclination as to boy or girl?
  • We're inclined towards a boy - no idea why! My mum and grandad think it will be a girl. Convinced I've had some almost-kicks today, its so exciting!! Hope everyone else's scans went/will go well xxx
  • Hey image

    Had my scan today and our little guy is doing great image Still definitely a boy and all the checks and test show he is completely... average... which apparently means healthy so all good image

    Windy, my family, some friends and hubby's aunts were convinced I was having a girl... he is most definitely a boy - I have seen the requisite 'bits' myself! Whatever it is I hope it is healthy and happy for you image

  • Hi. That's fab CeeLou, a little blue bump!

    We had our scan today too, and had a similar experience. A very wriggly baby who kept moving around when the sonographer was trying to measure bits! Everything looks fine; perfect size for dates.. We tried to find out the gender, but the cord was between the legs! They had an inkling, but couldn't say 100%! We will have to be patient and wait. image

    Lu xxx
  • I forgot to say how amazed I was at the detail of the scan, as well as how much they checked. The baby was lovely and lively. It kept turning towards the front, holding its legs, yawning, somersaulting etc. I also have an anterior placenta, which may be why I haven't felt it as much yet. It' amazing how much they move! image


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