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We know we are having a boy and have some ideas for names but I thought I'd see if you guys had any ideas to share!

I love Beau but hubby hates it, which is fine,w e both need to love it.

We both really like Milo/Mylo.

I like Noah but have a cousin with that name so it's out...

Anyone got any suggestions along a similar line? We like unusual, definitely not top 50 names, things ending in 'o' are popular with us but we are not stuck on it...

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  • Milo is lovely. The only other ones I can think of ending in 'o' are Theo and Cleo! Good Luck finding ones you agree on!


  • I think of Beau as a girl's name tbh! We also liked Milo, but it is becoming quite popular these days. I love Theo but hubby didn't! We went for a nice normal name in Ryan, which we both loved as soon as it was mentioned. Boy's names are so difficult though, there weren't many we both liked. Not really been much help here! Milo is a good name though.

  • I love Milo too! But hubby hates it! As well as Theo and Noah! We have lost a close friend recently, as well as hubby's grandad, so we will be naming a boy after them. Jon Alexander, but will probably be using Xander as his everyday name (I just think Jon Alexander sounds better than Alexander Jon).

    As for a girl- we have no idea! I love Esme and Sorrel, but hubby doesn't (surprise surprise!) Guess we'll just fight over it once I've struggled through hours of painful labour!

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