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Not feeling much movement yet


I hope you are all well. I'm 22 weeks now, but still not really feeling a lot of movement. The sonographer did say I have an anterior placenta, and I saw the baby moving a lot on the scans and heard the heartbeat at the midwife last Tues, so I've not been too concerned, but only feeling it once or twice a day. What do you think? Should I be concerned?

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  • Hello, don't worry I too have an anterior placenta and was told that it would make it hard to feel movement. Im nearly 24 weeks and only just started feeling flutterings this week. Ive been on a few different websites and lots of women with anterior placentas find it hard to feel movement, so try not to worry Im sure you'll feel movement soon xxx
  • Thanks that's what everyone said on the Facebook group too. It's very reassuring.

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  • Some days I don't feel much movement at all and I don't have an anterior placenta.  Today its like my uterus is in spasm, bt other days I'm just sat poking my tummy, trying to make it move!!  My hubby still can't feel anything- baby always goes still when he touches my tummy and even if there's a movement he doesn't feel it.  My friend says her partner could feel things before 20 weeks!!  (she doesn't have as much padding as me!) We're all different, ey?! xx

  • I am definately feeling a bit more movement over the last few days image Like you though, hubby can't feel them yet. Lu xxx
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